Great Expectations

Do you realise that your expectations determine what you experience in life? Our expectations are based on our beliefs and our beliefs are held securely in the subconscious mind. I am talking about our deeply held beliefs or convictions.

What you believe you always receive!

How many times have you said “I just knew that would happen?” Do you think expecting the worst, and the worst happening, is coincidental? It is not! The law of attraction brings you more of what you focus on and your subconscious mind ensures your keep focused on your beliefs and expectations!

What are your expectations for your life? Are you excited about the future that lies ahead of you or are you facing it full of fear and negative expectations?

For most people the future holds too many uncertainties. The gripping fear of the unknown and negative belief that the worst usually happens stops them from striking out and taking action to get the things they want in life. The fear of failure can be traced back to negative expectations. If you thought you would fail why would you even try?

However, the fear of failure can easily be overcome through positive expectations. When you know that you cannot fail why would you wait to try?

The problem with creating the life you want is that you are like every other human and a ton of subconscious negative expectations. These expectations not only determine what you have in our life right at this minute and what you will receive in the future but it also represents what you are willing to settle for.

Expectation is a very powerful emotion and one that very few people ever learn to fully cultivate. Expectation and belief are very similar states of mind and have exactly the same outcomes. Whatever you expect with certainty is what you will get!

Expectation is the driving force of the law of attraction and acts like a powerful magnet that brings into your life the things that you are expecting. When you have a belief that something will happen you immediately activate the law of attraction and start powerful universal forces to work. Now the law of attraction, and your subconscious mind, are neutral in nature. Just like an axe can be used to cut wood for a fire to cook on and heat you it can also be used to take a life. The law of attraction is a tool that will work for good or ill!

So your expectations can both empower you and bring to you those things you want in life or it can cripple you with fear and attract to you only negatives.

The problem with expectation is that, like faith, you wither have it or you don’t. At least that is conventional thinking! However, once you know where your expectation stem from you are more able to manipulate them in your favour.

All expectations stem from subconscious programming. This programming is mostly negative, as outlined in courses like the Sedona Method. However, you can easily eliminate the negative beliefs held in your subconscious mind and start to expect, and receive, better things from life!

Do you want to remove all your subconscious “garbage” so that you can develop faith and expect the best from life – and thus get it? If you do, you should visit Release Technique and learn how to clean-up your subconscious programs and start to get more of what you want from life.

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