Gratitude can accomplish miracles!

Gratitude is a key tool in any personal development system. And it is easy to explain why.

It is well known that what we focus on grows. Focus on lack and you get more lack. Focus on abundance and you get more abundance. Focus on wealth and you will get wealth beyond reason. The power of your focus determines your reality. It acts as the programmer of your mind. Therefore practising gratitude daily is a powerful way of attracting more of the things we want in life and also conditions the subconscious mind for success. Gratitude activates the law of attraction.

When we focus on the things we don’t like in our life we program ours minds to look for it and actually direct our subconscious minds to create more of it. Thoughts have power – they create your reality!

Your mind will always look for things that reinforce what it believes to be true about the world, you and your place in it. Have you ever looked for a thing and been unable to find just for another person to come along and point to where it was “right under your nose”?

For example you were looking for your car keys and couldn’t find them anywhere. You search high and low. You look in the living room, the bathroom and the kitchen. Then your spouse enters the room and goes straight to the kitchen counter and says “here they are”. Have you ever experienced such a situation? Now ask yourself did your eyes really not see those keys on the table you looked at several times?

We all have, what is called, “selective attention”. You buy a new car and suddenly begin to see the same model everywhere. You want a new relationship and begin to see happy couples courting round every corner. You get the picture?

This works in the opposite way also. You were cheated on by a partner and every relationship you look at is in trouble because of infidelity. You think that all men are cheats/ all women are harlots!

Your mind works on selective attention and you can use it to your advantage.

By practising gratitude for the things in your life that you are happy about you start to re-focus your mind to the positive at a deep level. Although gratitude includes saying “thank you” to others for their contributions to your life, it really begins within.

Learning to appreciate the things, people and circumstances in your life that you may just plain taken for granted is a huge step. You can begin by being grateful for small things like a sunny day, the ability to breath in fresh air or the fact that you had a good meal.

Later you can practise gratitude on your job – it pays the bills and allows you to holiday and drive etc. Then you can progress to being grateful for the situations in your life, even the seemingly bad ones.

I had a bad relationship prior to meeting my current partner. The lessons I learned and the time spent with her meant I was in a much better position to meet and have a successful relationship with the woman of my dreams now. Added to that the time spent with her was not only productive to my personal development but some of it was great fun!

The key to remember is that you always get more of what you focus on in life. So starting today make it a habit of spending one or two minutes each morning and night contemplating the things you are grateful for. Just think of them. No exercises, chants or visualizations. Just bring the things you are grateful for to mind and watch as you grow. Your own personal development will sky rocket, you will feel a sense of joy and you will see your life begin to reflect your new attitude with more of what you want.

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