Goals and Beliefs!

Making New Year’s resolutions, or resolutions at any time of year, seems all well and good. We make the intentions of stopping smoking, eating healthy, losing weight, getting a better job etc., yet we rarely stick to them!

Resolutions by themselves rarely, if ever, work. Instead you should consider setting goals! Now goals are a powerful way to change your life.

We all have goals although not all of us know it. If you have an intention to do something then you have a goal. The difference between having goals and goal-setting though is huge!

Setting goals and putting those goals down on paper turns them from weak desires into powerful objectives. Unlike New Years Resolutions goals become a “must do” exercise. After all haven’t we know that New Years Resolutions doesn’t work for most people so instead of making them this coming year set some goals for yourself instead.

Some people come to the conclusion that New Years Resolutions don’t work so why bother making them? It’s true they don’t work, but goals do!

The difference between a resolution and a goal is enormous. When you set a goal and write it down or type it up on your computer and print it out, it becomes a statement of your intent. Statements of intent become powerful motivators that spur you into action.

When you have made a clear intention, and written it down, you have made a promise to yourself.

Unconsciously we do not like to be liars, failures or quitters so the act of confirming your intention by setting it as a clear goal makes it harder to avoid taking the actions needed to acquire your objective!

Then you need to believe that you can achieve the goal. Belief is a powerful ally that can make the difference between success and failure. “If you believe you can, or believe you can’t you’re right”, Henry Ford.

Have you ever set a goal, or had a goal set for you, and you really believed deep down that you couldn’t do it? What happened? You were probably correct and didn’t reach your objective! Conversely, have you ever had a goal where you knew for sure that you would succeed easily? What happened that time? I bet you were correct again!

Look at a simple desire you currently wish to achieve. It can be anything just as long as it does not strain credibility too much. Now, write it down as a goal, or intention, and give it a completion date for its accomplishment (be realistic).

Now look back at your behaviours in the last month in respect of this one goal. Have you been doing things that support your desire to have this thing or have you been doing things to keep this objective away from you?

Once you have a definite goal it is easy to see if you are moving towards it or away from it. So start setting goals and begin TODAY to take actions that will lead you to their accomplishment!

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