Get Motivated To Exercise With Hypnosis!

Have you ever started an exercise plan and were all “fired-up” only to stop after a shot while when your motivation waned? Did you make excuses? “I don’t have the time”, is a classic example. Let’s face it if you really want to do something you find the time or you make it!

Perhaps you didn’t even start because the thought of putting your body through that kind of rigorous “torture” was too much to even think about. Maybe you don’t even want to exercise but have been advised by your health professional that you need to get active!

Exercising, like doing anything else in life, starts with a decision. To make that decision, and just as importantly to stick to it, takes motivation. You need to have a great deal of motivation to make that decision stick and to continue your exercise regime even when you don’t feel like doing it. The bottom line is – you need to maintain your motivation to maintain a regular exercise program!

So what is motivation and where does it come from? And, more importantly, how can you instil it in yourself to keep you on the exercise plan you have set for yourself?

Well motivation is based on our beliefs. There are two main motivators in our lives that affect our beliefs:

1. Avoidance of Pain.
2. Attraction to Pleasure.

Let’s look at two examples of these.

For the first; the belief that you can avoid getting fat, or becoming unhealthy, comes under “avoidance of pain”.

For the second; believing that regular exercise will make you feel and look better comes under “attraction to pleasure”.

Now the problem with motivation is that these two motivators work both ways. You can also have beliefs that exercise has more pain than pleasure. For example, the belief that “it’s too much of a struggle to exercise today” falls under “avoidance of pain”. While, “If I relax and watch some television the rest will do me good and nothing major will happen from missing one training session” is a belief that comes under “attraction to pleasure”.

The key to staying motivated then is to use these two motivators to your advantage by manipulating them in your own mind. You must identify more “avoidance of pain” beliefs and reasons to stay unfit and more “attraction to pleasure” reasons and beliefs that will lead you to exercise.

Thanks to self hypnosis, and the latest innovations in NLP, it is relatively easy to convince yourself, at a very deep level of mind, that avoiding exercise is a very bad idea and partaking of exercise is extremely pleasurable!

You can literally build your exercise motivation through the use of self-hypnosis!

Right now you have a desire to exercise. You know that, in the long run, the pleasure you gain from looking and feeling good and being more attractive is worth the effort. However, your motivation to avoid the pain of exercising and because you think you are denying yourself other pleasures (like eating a cream bun and watching a movie) is stronger.

Through powerful techniques in motivation hypnosis MP3s it is possible to turn all this around and actually start to enjoy exercise. So what are you waiting for? Get those trainers on or at least your headphones!

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