Genius Code Review

Learning Strategies, the creators of PhotoReading and the paraliminal series have created another great product with the Genius Code.

The CEO of Learning Strategies, Paul Sheele, poses the question – “What if you could develop superior mental powers similar to those from the greatest minds of mankind?”

What would you use this genius power to achieve?

Mind development pioneer, Win Wenger Ph.D., states that he has research that shows how the exceptional achievements of famous thinkers were more the result of mental conditioning than any genetic superiority. After years of research and experimentation Wenger believes that he can guide anyone to condition their own mind in the same way.

In the Genius Code course, Paul Scheele and Win Wenger help you explore a thing called an ImageStream. Once you have been taught how to ImageStream you are then shown some amazing mental exercises to help you figure out what the messages you receive mean. They say that you use these exercises to “crack your genius code.”


Genius Code course is amazing.

Using your ImageStream is very enjoyable, even if at first, it appears to be an unintelligible imagined scene!

As you progress through the Genius Code course you will be taught to make your 6th Sense as available as your other five senses, attain absolute self-confidence, solve any personal or professional problem in creative ways you may never have thought of, accelerate the speed of learning anything, achieve your goals and experience every moment as perfectly rewarding while living in the ‘now’.

The course is expensive but well worth every penny. The insights you will gain and the accelerated pace at which your personal development will evolve will astound you.

Genius Code