Future Vision or Daydream?

You have choices. 3 choices:
1. You can live your life in the mire of mediocrity. (Not recommended.)

2. You can create an ordinary, plain vanilla future for yourself and your family. (OK, but no cigar.)

3. You can be the conscious creator of a personal future glowing with challenges, growth, fulfillment and success. (Now you’ve found a worthy path!)

Most people settle for the mire of mediocrity. Look around you. Observe the faces and the bearing of the folks you pass on the downtown streets, in the malls, in the markets. Most people have given up. (Most, not all.) Their spirits are submerged. It’s sad. Yet, these are the folks who do the grubby tasks we don’t want to do. Admit it, we need them! Their daydreams are smoke rings.

Some people live plain vanilla lives. A decent enough tract house, a nice job, the PTA. You know. Good citizens who pay their taxes and do their best. Usually just able to keep up with their bills and hold their heads high. Somebody’s gotta do the mundane work of the world. (Thank God they’re doing it instead of us.)

These are mostly the folks Thoreau described as “living lives of quiet desperation.” They get through it and die with their heads high. Yes, they have a vision. And, somehow, the reality they long for is just out of reach. In the end it’s closer to the daydream.

A few, the conscious few, sense a greater vision, a higher vision. A vision of the possible. They engage the wisdom of the past. They awaken to their vision of a possible future. Their vision of a possible reality. Their vision of a reality they can influence. A reality they can create out of their vision. They intuit their potential greatness.

Are you one of this elite? I mean elite in spirit, in intellect, in energy, in light. Are you ready and able to give of yourself so you can make a difference. A positive difference. A difference that matters? Are you one of us?

Do you yearn to make this world a better place for children yet unborn? Or, maybe to somehow enhance productivity or profits for organizations that convert or distribute or retail the goods and services civilized societies require. Or do you long to simply show ordinary people how to live extraordinary lives.

Do you want to instill the noble virtues in those whose lives you touch? Do you hunger to affect principles, standards, values, character, purpose, philosophy-and vision?

Do you choose to be an alchemist, a 21st century alchemist, turning leaden metal into gold? The leaden metal is the way things are before you come along. The gold is the way things are after you’re gone.

Here are some ways that work:

1. Have noble intentions. A grand plan. A mission. An objective that makes a difference. A major difference. Something transcendent. Something everyone you know assures you cannot be done, at least not by you. Many people who know you and love you do not believe you have what it takes. What it takes to reveal the greatness they do not see. The greatness they do not see through the prism of their misperceptions about you.

2. Surrender to your mission. Let it have you. Your time, your energy, your total focus, your resources. Everything you’ve got. Everything.

3. Listen to your intuition, your inner voice. Allow this guidance from your own higher self, your own spirit, to tell you what to do next.

4. Work resolutely, tirelessly, endlessly. Nobody said it would be easy.

5. Accept course changes. You may find yourself up blind alleys. You may encounter insurmountable obstacles. You may have to travel another route to your objective.

6. Demand integrity from all associates. Would you go sailing in a leaky boat? Would you drive on a tire that would not hold air? Then, steel yourself: In cold blood dump unworthy others.

7. Never give up. Have bulldog blood. Have bulldog blood. Have bulldog blood! One morning you awaken to find your vision of the future, rooted in the wisdom of the past, is your present reality. ____________________________________________________

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