The Path to Freedom

Freedom is a state of non-attachment. It is having no attachments and no aversions to the world and everything in it. When we experience this state we are said to be illuminated beings or to have reached enlightenment.

In order to experience freedom it is necessary to release all fear, past hurts, guilt, jealousy, anger and resentment. In order to let go of these feelings and mental patterns you must practise ending rationalizations, making justifications, creating explanations and harbouring judgments. These states keep us in a limited mindset and far from the freedom we all seek.

Try to lose the judgements that some things are better than others and that certain things are bad while some are good. Be as excited as a child when he/she experiences snow for the first time or better still just observe what is happening with no feelings about it either way. This is tricky to do but you can develop the ability if you stick at it. The first time you do this you will experience true freedom!

Try not to justify or defend yourself or your actions and allow for the inclusion of all opinions while not being attached to any one in particular. When we have opinions, get irritated, angry, and jealous or experience any emotion, either good or bad, we are reinforcing our own ego. The ego strives to maintain the illusion of separateness and keeps us from experiencing the freedom that we already are!

Meditate in the peace “that paseth understanding”, “be still and know that I AM God”! Exist in peace wherever you are. Do not try to live your life on someone else’s’ terms. When you are quiet and at peace you know what you are suppose to be doing with your life!

Ask yourself the question “Who am I?” often when you are in a quiet place and just wait on the answer. When you get an answer ask yourself “If I am even more than that, what am I?”. Do this until you are resting in the peace that you are.

Practise “conscious manifestation”. Learn to control your universe so that you become conscious of the fact that this entire world is an illusion of your making! No one else can create in your universe – you are the sole creator and architect of your World. People are only actors on your stage. Allow people to be who they are and want what they want for themselves – even if what they are manifesting in their lives appears negative or against their conscious wishes they are the creators of their universe and you must give them the right to live their lives as they have chosen!

We are all hear on this earth and in this physical dimension to learn different lessons but at the core of all of them is the lesson that we are the creators of our own world and we have the ability to bend space and time to our own ‘will’. Learn to eliminate your control your mind and you will control your life and experience ultimate freedom of spirit.

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