Four Laws Of The Mind Essential For Effective Self Hypnosis!

There are four laws of the mind that you must be fully aware of and work with if you wish to have any success with self hypnosis – or anything else for that matter! If these laws are followed then success is assured and your self hypnosis sessions will help you to quickly build the life that you want!

The Laws:

1. Every Thought Seeks to Manifest itself in the World!

Every thought has power. Every thought is a creative energy that seeks to become manifest in the world! I am sure you have heard that thoughts create reality, however, are you aware that every thought is creative by its very nature?

The only reason every thought does not become a real event in your life is because you have millions of thoughts. Many of these thoughts cancel each other out. However, many of them do not! Judge carefully how you think and what way you use your mind. Your predominant thoughts will create a reality for you that is in alignment with them!

2. Your Expectations bring about Manifestations!

What you expect to get you always do get! Now, you may tell yourself that you expect a certain results and openly talk about the fact that it is going to occur but deep down you feel that a different result will occur. Be truthful with yourself; you know this is the case!

Your expectations make your thoughts extremely powerful – if not unstoppable! So start to convince yourself that you are going to get what you want. Expect success and success will surely follow!

3. Imagination is Stronger than Will-Power!

Many people try to achieve their goals through the power of their “will”. Although you may achieve a certain degree of success through pure persistence and drive this approach will never get you what you really want and will lead to stress!

4. What You Resist will Persist!

Carl Yung stated that “what you resist persists” and this is one of the most powerful psychological statements ever made. Think back to law number 1 above. If it is true that every thought is creative then what are you thinking when you resist what you don’t like? You are thinking about what you don’t like and the fact that it exists. Therefore you are helping to keep that situation the way it is and perhaps even creating more of it!

If you follow the laws as outlined in this article and work with them then you will achieve a lot more from your self hypnosis sessions. In fact, if you follow them in your everyday life then you will notice amazing and profound changes happening in every area of it!

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