Do you find it hard to forgive?

Are you seeking forgiveness for yourself or from yourself?

There is an Easy Way to Have It!

When we have been the victim of an injustice it can often be difficult to rise above the hurt, anger and frustration it has caused. However, holding onto these negative emotions and harbouring the negative thoughts that accompany them will have absolutely no effect on those that are responsible for your current upset state.

These negative emotions do have an effect on you however. Holding onto anger, resentment and hurt can sometimes give you a boost of strength to cope with the situation but it also wrecks havoc with your peace of mind, thought processes, emotional constitution and can even negatively affect your health!

Likewise when we have done something that we feel ashamed of we punish ourselves by denying ourselves the approval that we desire and deserve.

If you find it hard to forgive someone for a past injustice, or find it hard to forgive people in general or find it difficult to forgive yourself there is an answer to your problem!

Why Find Forgivess?

forgiveness1Although it may seem obvious you seek to find forgiveness there are a myriad of other reasons.

Apart from freeing you from the negative spiral that resentment and anger can cause finding forgiveness can have a very beneficial effect on your entire life in all areas.

We all know that it is sometimes hard to be in the presence of someone who is filled with extreme anger and resentfulness. These people appear bitter and twisted and although they may be extreme cases holding on to anger and resentment will eventually lead you down the same path!

However, there are other aspects of your life that become affected by harbouring these negative emotions and not allowing yourself top feel forgiveness – whether it is forgiveness for yourself or someone else.

Your negative internal attitude actually affects all areas of your life and attracts to you situations that are extremely negative through the law of attraction.

Forgivess is the Way to Bliss

By allowing yourself to release the negative emotions that have you stuck in your current unforgiving state you can free your mind to feel at peace. Harbouring negative emotions only hurts yourself and keeps you in a perpetual downward negative cycle that could end with ill health, a lack of close relationships and any other number of life problems.

When you learn to release your anger and resentment you immediately feel the relief from your self-imposed pressure.

After testing many products we found two that are able to give the results desired and release you from the pain and suffering of being unable to forgive.

The first is The Release Technique® which is designed to do so much more than merely allow you to find forgiveness (although it is amazingly effective at this) but it can actually transform your life in any area you choose apply it to!

The second product that proved very effective is the self hypnosis download “Find Forgiveness”. Although it does not have the scope or power of the first product (nor will it effect other areas of your life like the first one) it is substantially cheaper and does deliver on its promises.

Finding Forgiveness With The Release Technique

Finding forgiveness for yourself or others is extremely easy with The Release Technique. Although the course in which this self improvement method is taught is actually designed to teach you how to use the technique in all areas of your life it does investigate the area of forgiveness quite extensively.

The premise of the course is to teach you how to “release”, or “let-go ” of, unwanted negative emotions and the thoughts associated with them in seconds. This means you can release the anger, resentment and hurt that is stopping you from forgiving!

LesterLevenson_SedonaMethodThe technique is so simple that it has been successfully taught to 5 year-old children and it is so effective that it has been scientifically verified by both Harvard University and the New York Medical School.

The technique itself is not just limited to removing negative emotions and thoughts. It can be used to improve any area of your life. We urge you to visit the site and read some of the amazing stories of people who have used it from the famous to ordinary men and women!

When you visit the site be sure to read the story of the techniques creator, Lester Levenson, and how he used it to completely cure his body with three months after being sent home to die (it’s all about forgiveness and finding love)!

The Release Technique

Hypnotic Forgiveness

findforgivenessThe “Find Forgiveness” hypnosis session is a downloadable MP3 file that is cleverly written and designed to help you find the forgiveness you seek. This audio session helps you break free from the pain of a past injustice and eliminate the negative thoughts and feelings associated with it.

After the very first session you will begin to release the pain of resentment and anger while you start to realize how damaging they have been to your life.

All you have to do is sit or lie down and listen to the hypnosis session. No other effort is required on your part.

The session is designed to do three main things:

1. Force your brain to release your emotional connection to the past.
2. Cleanse you of your negative thoughts.
3. Help you build a brighter and more positive future.

Although you will have to listen to the session several times to ensure you get permanent results you will begin to notice a distinct difference in your perspective after just the first listening.

Thus is a very effective, and cheap, method for finding forgiveness and letting go of your negative emotions and thoughts.

Find Forgiveness Hypnosis



Both the products in this review are very effective at helping you release your negative emotions and find the forgiveness that you are seeking.

However, by far the better of the two is The Release Technique. The course which teaches this amazing self improvement method is designed to change your life in every area of can imagine from your relationships to your finances. It is a simple to learn and easy to use technique and what’s more it works – every time!

The Release Technique has been tested at both Harvard University and the New York Medical School and has been verified as effective giving you a myriad of bountiful positive results! If you can afford it then we urge you to get this course as you will never need another self growth or personal development tool again!

On the other hand if price is an issue then you the downloadable hypnosis audio session “Find Forgiveness” will do the job. This is very effective at removing your inner “demons” that are stopping you from finding forgiveness. It will help you develop feelings of forgiveness and release you from your negative thoughts and emotions that your lack of forgiveness has caused but it is limited to only that application. It also comes with a 60 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee so you can be assured it will work!

Whichever approach you choose you will be free from your resentment, anger and hurt and feeling the peace and freedom of forgiveness in no time!

The Release Technique

Find Forgiveness Hypnosis