Food for the Soul!

Everything in the universe is composed of energy. Science tells us that the only difference between objects, both animate and inanimate, is their vibrational frequency. Perhaps that is why sound has such a profound influence on our moods.

The sound of nails screeching down a blackboard makes everyone cringe. Loud thunder can frighten even the hardiest of us.

The sound of the ocean or rain falling on a canopy of tress can sooth and relax even the most tense mind. There’s nothing more swaying and enjoyable than good piece of music. Music seems to invigorate the mind, stir the emotions and feed the soul.

As well as the obvious entertainment value that music offers it also has the ability to clam us, motivate us and even inspire us. Tension can easily be dissolved with the right piece of music leaving us feeling relaxed and in a tranquil state of mind.

Perhaps the fact that we like different kinds of musical styles (that even follow entire generations) has something to do with our own vibrational rate. We may actually be in harmony with a particular piece of music or musical style.

Even the words that come from our mouths have a profound effect on other people.

These vibrational tones are just a warbling of the voice box that is immediately taken by another person and translated into meaning in their own minds.

It is no wonder then that there are sound technologies available, such as binaural beats, which are capable of transforming our state of consciousness!

Many such recordings have been produced using scientifically tested methods to alter our brainwave frequencies and lead us into different states. Peace, deep sleep, creativity and even joy can all be created in the mind and body by just listening to the appropriate binaural beats recording!

There are even recordings that use sound technology to produce the deepest state of meditation known to man. One such set of recordings is Holosync that creates states similar to those of a Zen Buddhist Master!

These recordings are so powerful that it is claimed that can even lead to enlightenment and feeling of Oneness with all creation – After all that is the point of experiencing states of transcendental meditation which the Holosync recordings effortlessly create in the listener.

The Bible tells us that God “spoke” the world into being saying “let there be light”. It seems that sound plays a very important role in our lives. Songs are written about lovers, siblings, offspring and even God to express the joy and love the writer feels for the other.

Sound can definitely be used to lift the spirits through a fine piece of music or even by using the new technologies listed above.

Would you like to use the power of sound to change you life? Would you like to better yourself in every area you can think of just through the immense power of sound technology? If you would then visit Holosync and learn how some simple recordings can dramatically change the quality of your life!

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