Focusing On Positives

Focusing on positives instead of negatives is probably the single most powerful technique in personal development – which is maybe why it sometimes seems so difficult to do. If, like many people, you find the harder you try to, focus on good things the more it strays to everything you hate, you might like to try a tip based on the famous slogan of Alcoholics Anonymous — “Just For Today.”

The idea behind those words is that if you’re addicted to something it can be very daunting to say “I’m never going to do this again.” In fact, there are few things that will make you so much want to do a thing you feel the need of anyway than promising you’ll never, ever, do that thing again.

That’s how AA came up with the idea — don’t promise to change your ways for ever. Just promise to do the right thing for today.

You may not know that emotions trigger the release of chemicals within the brain. Fear and danger produce an adrenalin rush to give you strength to deal with an emergency.

Relaxation, contentment, pleasure and tranquility produce beneficial chemicals which strengthen health and well-being.

Feelings of stress, frustration, hatred and resentment, on the other hand, produce harmful chemicals that can lead to physical as well as mental illness, impaired judgement, which can lead to accidents, premature ageing and even death — and all that’s in addition to the emotional misery those feelings cause!

What’s even worse is that constantly flooding your mind and body with un-necessary and harmful chemicals can, over time, actually turn into an addiction in its own right, so that even when you want to work on feeling better about yourself and the world around you the temptation to keep on reliving memories of hurt, injustice, fear or failure can seem overwhelming.

Whether you just feel bad about yourself occasionally, or you’re living in a fog of bad emotions that you can’t see any way of breaking out of, here’s something for you to try.

Decide right here, right now, that you’re going to make your world exactly as you want it. You can even create Wealth Beyond Reason.

Look into the mirror, and make yourself these promises:-

1) Just for today, I will be positive in everything I say and think and feel and do, whatever happens.

2) Just for today, I’ll fill my heart with love, not hate, for all the world — including me.

3) Just for today, I’ll let go of every feeling of resentment, and feel peace.

4) Just for today, I’ll forgive myself for all the mistakes I’ve ever made, and forget about them.

5) Just for today, I’ll see myself as everything I want to be, and act accordingly.

6) Just for today, although I’ll do so with consideration for the needs of others, I’ll tell the truth about my feelings and opinions, and stand by it.

7) Just for today, I’ll have a smile for every person that I meet.

8) Just for today, I’ll concentrate on everything I love, instead of what I hate.

9) Just for today, I’ll seek — and find — the good in those around me… AND myself.

10) Just for today, I’ll speak and think with gratitude instead of grumbling, and thank someone for something good they’ve done for me.

You’ve no idea how powerful these simple techniques can be — until you’ve tried them. Once you’ve seen and felt for yourself what they can do, and felt the thrill of having others treat you with more respect and liking, you may find you’ll want to use them EVERY day.

The choice is yours. The challenge is to start to use them NOW.

About The Author

Aislinn O’Connor is a motivational writer and personal development consultant specialising in helping you to use your inner, subconscious mind to transform your life and circumstances. For helpful tools and lots more information, visit Peak Performance.

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