Five Ways To Remove Obstacles To Your Goals!

To many people life seems like an endless obstacle course. Some people view goals as the way through the course while others just “plod” along hoping for the best. It’s true that life has a habit of throwing challenges and upsets at you. So it is no surprise that it is often likened to an obstacle course.

If life truly is an obstacle course then how can we learn to navigate through it and reach stopping points along the way that are the places we which to stop? How we set goals and reach them in the face of such opposition and, what sometimes appear to be, insurmountable obstacles?

Many people who successfully achieve their aims in life view the obstacles and challenges are a kind of test to see if they are truly worthy of achieving what they have set out to achieve.

Others believe that without the struggle the end results and rewards not would taste as sweet. Most people however believe that it is down to sheer luck or ability!

However, none of these reasons are true!

If you could achieve every goal you set with ease and without struggle you can bet the goal-setting and goal-achievement process would become boring very quickly.

However, being confronted with constant obstacles and sometimes having to deal with so many that the goal becomes almost impossible to achieve is not the way we were meant to live!

Reaching a goal after some effort, sacrifice and by removing or overcoming obstacles is a great feeling. It makes the goal achievement that much better. However, it is possible to reach your goals by following the easy root.

Many times we set ourselves goals that we, unconsciously, have no intentions of reaching. We make the goals so unrealistic and hard to achieve that we literally build our own obstacles to its attainment and then complain that life is unfair or that at least we tried!

The first step to achieving any goal is to make it realistic. Only once we have proven that goal-setting works can we expect to take on the really big goals in our lives.

Success breeds success. Likewise, failure breeds more failure. You can make things easier on yourself by setting a goal that is relatively easy to accomplish and then the next time pushing the boundaries of your goal setting a little further out.

Before you know it you will be setting and achieving goals that would seem impossible to you now!

You must also find and eliminate your negative unconscious thoughts, feelings and beliefs that stop you from achieving your goals. These act like insidious programs or viruses in your mind and work against all your conscious efforts to reach a successful outcome.

We all know that to reach a goal it is necessary to take action. Small steps today lead to giant leaps forward in the long run./ However, if your unconscious beliefs are in direct opposition to your conscious desires you have no chance of reaching your goal!

You must eliminate your negative thinking! You can only do this at a subconscious level by eliminating these negative thoughts and feelings at their root in the subconscious mind.

Once these negative beliefs have been rooted out, like weeds in a garden, you will find that your goals become effortless as the actions you take have a much bigger impact on the results you get!

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