First Key to Unlimited Energy!

Energy and breath have been linked for thousands of years. It is true that the art of proper breathing is a skill, and it’s an extraordinarily systematic art. The act of breathing is far more than just inhaling and exhaling air. It triggers off an entire chain of biological reactions, spanning every one of the billions of cells of which your body is comprised.

Deep breathing increases the oxygen level in the blood and this in turn excites the excretory system, thus allowing the body to clear itself of damaging poisons. The added advantage of deep breathing and additional oxygen it supplies affects the brain by providing more energy and vitality.

Deep breathing is also a very effective way of dealing with stress and emotional upsets. The act of breathing calms your entire physical and mental system to a point where you feel more in control and much more relaxed. In fact certain breathing exercises lead to deep meditative states which bring amazing and profound mental, emotional and physical benefits.

Through meditational deep breathing exercises, which involve taking a deep breath, holding it and then exhaling, you can quickly enter very deep states of meditation. Of course you can always use modern technology to achieve this state, through Binaural Beats for example, but nothing can replace the healing energy you receive from deep rhythmic breathing! This is due to energy force which enters the body with the breath – called Chi, Prana and a multitude of other names in Easter Traditions.

It is deep diaphragm breathing that holds the key to receiving more energy in the body. Many people breathe in a shallow manner using their chest rather than their belly! This does not allow enough oxygen into the lungs and therefore deprives the body’s cells of much needed vital energy.

When you watch a Master of meditation breathing you can clearly see that the stomach of the person rises and falls and not the chest. Babies are the same. They breath is a calm, deep systematic way that allows for increased oxygen to enter the blood stream.

Now, compare this with your own breathing which is most probably shallow and controlled. In fact think of something that upsets you and you will find that your breathing becomes shallow, short and fast. Because you are taking shorter breaths you need to breath faster to get the same amount of oxygen onto your lungs. This is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing. However, when we are upset or emotional we try to control the emotion through shallow breathing – which unfortunately often works to suppress the emotion and drive it into the subconscious mind where it remains active!

Through deep breathing you can control the emotion much more readily and actually allow the emotional energy to dissipate rather than forcing it “underground” through suppression!

The difficulty is this that suppression and shallow breathing has become something of the “norm” in most people’s lives. Over the years, life in a crowded city, with chronic pollution problems and a lack of fresh air can result in the gradual shift from abdominal breathing to chest breathing. Thus as members of a “civilized” society we tend to miss out on the benefits of extra oxygen and emotional control that are associated with deep breathing!

Of course meditation can help you gain many of the benefits of deep breathing and if you do not have the time to dedicate to learning this ancient art you can always try a program like Holosync.

In addition the emotional “release”, which I mentioned above, is also possible through techniques like the Sedona Method and Release Technique. However, nothing can give you oxygen except breathing! So it is well within your interests to start to breath deep and take all the advantages offered from such a natural and easy physical activity!

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