Fire of Success!

Success means different things to different people. One man’s idea of success may be another man’s idea of failure. It all depends on where you are and what you want from life.

For example, if an ordinary working man made the decision to make a million dollars in a year and achieved that goal he would consider himself a success. However, if Donald Trump were to only make a million in a year he would consider this a great failure!

Although success is often measured by money it is certainly not confined to financial rewards. Success to a single mother may be raising her child to become a productive adult who was never negatively affected by the loss of a male role model. Of course I’m sure you can think of many more examples. Perhaps the measure you use for success is very different indeed from the “norm”.

Whatever success means to you, know that it is possible to achieve!

Success starts with two things; self-discipline and persistence. These are extremely powerful tools that, if used correctly, will lead to the accomplishment of just about any goal you can envision.

Self-discipline is the act of controlling yourself. It involves mastering your emotions, controlling your thoughts and guiding your actions. Self-discipline is natural for some people however most of us have to acquire the kill through perseverance and some degree of hard work.

Reaching goals and manifesting your dreams in the world of reality is not easy but it is possible for anyone and everyone!

To develop self-discipline you must first learn how to control your cravings and need for instant gratification. We live in a fast paced world where we have been taught to expect what we want instantly. However, when we deny ourselves the need for instant gratification we avoid the negative effects of it. For example, decades ago if a person wanted to make a big purchase they would have to regulate their incoming money and their outgoings and save for their purchase. Now we just get hire/purchase agreements, bank loans and overdrafts – thus creating huge debt and the stress that comes with it.

By having the self-discipline to wait until we have saved the money to buy a big purchase we appreciate it more and are much less likely to buy things on a whim (after all it took a long time to save that money)!

Any worthwhile goal takes a certain degree of self-discipline because to reach it you will most likely have to deny yourself instant pleasure in some form so that you can work towards a more rewarding objective!

Persistence I think speaks for itself. At least I hope it does! There is nothing you cannot achieve if you never stoop trying to achieve it. Only physical death can bring finality to a goal! You cannot fail if you do not stop trying. Even death does not bring failure only a new chapter of “life”. So if you keep trying, how can you ever fail?

Through self-discipline and persistence you can eventually reach ANY goal. The act of persevering will bring many set-backs. But you can learn from these. Each obstacle, set-back, or temporary failure brings with it the seed of success because you have merely found another way that does not work. Eventually you WILL find the way that works and will look to others as if you are lucky or achieved your success over-night. But you will know better!

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