Feeling the Positive Opposite!

Feelings are an extremely powerful force in our lives. They guide our thoughts and actions and often we are not actually taking actions but are reacting to situations due to how we feel.

I’m sure you have heard the statement that “thoughts create reality” and from my own experience and looking at the lives of many others I tend to believe that this is in fact a true and accurate statement of how the universe works.

In fact Quantum Physics explains that the physical universe that we believe to be so solid is actually just an out-projecting or picture created by consciousness.

Conscious is the creator of reality as we know it. Without consciousness no matter or reality would actually exist.

Ok, what does this have to do with emotions? Well, everything!

You see although your thoughts create your reality is your emotions that guide your thoughts.

Before you have any thought (and take any action) the thought is always preceded by a feeling. You feel hungry so you think of food and then eat. You feel sad so you think of sadness and then cry. You feel happy so you think of the thing that makes you feel that way and you laugh or smile.

Feelings regulate your thoughts!

So, to recap – your reality is created by your thinking and your thinking is regulated by your feelings.

So, how do you change your thoughts so that you create a reality that has more of the things you want and less of the things you do not want – simple! You do not try to change your thinking; instead you change how you feel!

Trying to regulate your thoughts is a tiring and impossible feat. Have you ever tried to get yourself to think positively about something only to have a torrent of negative thoughts invade your mind? I bet you have!

Regulating the 50,000 or so daily thoughts that run through your head is a task that a computer would fin difficult to do let alone a human being!

You must learn to regulate your feelings instead – or better still release those feelings (see the Release Technique).

When you are dogged by negative thoughts review your feelings before trying to change your thinking.

In fact if you are dogged by negative circumstances review how you feel about those circumstances. It is your feelings that are causing you to think the thoughts that are attracting those circumstances to you!

So reach for a better feeling thought, then another and then another. Start to change how you feel a little bit at a time until you get yourself into a better feeling place! I promise that if you do this your thoughts will become more positive and so will your life!

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