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Fear is usually a natural emotional response to a perceived threat. It is an inherent survival mechanism that all living creatures use when they are confronted with danger. However, sometimes the fear in unwarranted and the effects on our lives can be devastating!

Fight or Flight

Fear is an emotional state that triggers the “fight or flight” response which is a state of hyper-arousal designed to protect us from danger. In this state we have two options – to fight or to run.

fight-or-flightIn each case the body requires extra adrenaline to complete the task effectively; if we wish to fight we need more energy in our muscles and heightened awareness and likewise we need more muscle energy to run fats and escape the danger.

Fear can range from slight discomfort and a desire for caution to extreme phobias and terror where your body produces so much adrenaline that you become “frozen” to the spot!

The Affects of Fear

In the time of our ancient ancestors this was a very advantageous natural reaction. If we were confronted by a predator then we needed to either defend ourselves or run to safety.

However, although we rarely require such an extreme response from our body due to 21st Century living “fight or flight” is still an active part of our natural responses.

fearWhen we become stressed at work, for example, the brain will often activate this response and cause excess adrenaline to enter the bloodstream. As we cannot fight or run in such a situation this adrenaline is not properly used and it puts major stress on the body.

This phenomenon is even more intense when it comes to phobias and unwarranted irrational fears.

Fear is an emotional response to perceived future events. Although it may be triggered by a current situation fear is always a direct result of your projection of what might happen.

Research shows that 80-90 percent of what you fear will happen never comes to pass!

Fear of Failure or Success

There are two other types of fear that can debilitate you and stop you in your tracks; the fear of success and the fear of failure.

The Fear of Success

Often times we stop ourselves from moving forward in life because we are fearful of what might happen if we succeed. Likewise, the fear of experiencing the failure of defeat will often stop us from even trying in the first place.

Many people harbour an unconscious fear success because striving for success would their limits and launch them into new or unknown situations. Success can also expose a person’s weaknesses and force them to confront their flaws.

Success is also scary to a lot of people because it involves change with new challenges and responsibilities which can be a threatening proposal for some.

Other people fear success because they are unsure if they can live up to the hype of their achievements; they feel that they are just not good enough. For many of us avoiding success feels like a safer option, at a subconscious level, and we therefore exhibit many self-sabotaging behaviours.

The Fear of Failure

The fear of failure, known as Atychiphobia, is equally debilitating as the fear of success. It causes us to procrastinate and stops us from taking action. Being fearful of failing can usually be traced back to early childhood causes where a person was demeaned or belittled by peers, parents or authority figure.

This fear can also be linked to traumatic events in a person’s past where embarrassment was caused due to a minor or insignificant failure that has, however, been given a great deal of importance.

The Sedona Method

The Sedona Method is a revolutionary self improvement tool for eliminating all subconscious negativity. Removing fear using this technique is fast, easy and permanent. What’s more it only takes seconds to accomplish!

sedona-fearThe Sedona Method course is presented by Hale Dwoskin, a one-time friend and student of the method’s creator, the late Lester Levenson.

Lester, during his life, developed the method (which is also known as The Release Technique but offered by another company) to allow people to instantly remove their negative subconscious programming.

Lester was a remarkable man and lived a truly amazing life. You may find his story interesting and intriguing which can be found onSedona Method Site.

The basis of the course involves showing you how to “release”, or “let go” of, negative unwanted emotions and the thoughts that accompany them. As a means for eliminating fears this has to be the easiest and most effective method we have ever tried.

Within mere seconds you can remove negative subconscious programming and unwanted emotions, including fears, which you have had for a lifetime.

It is amazing just how fast and effective this method is. Below is a short video clip outlining how it is possible to use the method to let go of fear instantly.

Removing Fear
We highly recommend this product as it can be used for dissolving fear instantly as well as being a powerful tool for a myriad of other purposes which you will realise when you visit the site.

The Sedona Method



Although we strongly recommend that you use The Sedona Method for removing your fear we have included a cheaper alternative for those of you who do not want to investigate the self improvement and life changing benefits of the above course.

Hypnosis has long been known to be a highly effective way of removing phobias and fears. We have tested many different hypnosis titles from many different manufacturers and the best, and cheapest, option is the hypnosis session Release Any Fear.

This session is produced with high quality and addresses the main issues concerning and fear or phobia. Obviously it is not as targeted as specific phobia sessions but it can be used effectively for different fears you have – a sort of “one size fits all”.

After the conclusion section of this review, at the bottom of the page, you will find a link to this hypnosis manufacturer’s range of phobia titles.


We strongly recommend you check out The Sedona Method. Not only will it allow you to release all your fears and phobias but you will also be able to use it to radically change your life.

“Releasing”, as taught in this course, is the most powerful, effective, life-changing technique you will ever learn. The course comes with a full 6 month money-back guarantee but we assure you, you will not want to return it!

If you only wish to eliminate a specific phobia or do not want to commit the time to The Sedona Method course then a cheap alternative is hypnosis. We have included a link to a hypnotic supplier who offers the best range of titles with the most quality recordings.

The Sedona Method

Phobia Hypnosis List