Fear & Focus!

Change is a part of life. It is really the only consistent thing in life. Apart from death change is the only other thing that we can say with definiteness will occur! However many people fear change and will go to extremes to try and keep things the way they are prefer the status quo to the unknown.

Unfortunately, no matter how good things are change will happen. You cannot hold onto anything in its current state for long. But there is a plus side to this. All the negative things around you will change also – its inevitable!

Change should be embraced as the exciting new beginning that it truly is. Let’s face it you cannot stop the march of change any more than you can stop the seasons. So, you may as well embrace change and work with it to better yourself and your life. This starts with “changing” your attitude!

Attitude is the one force in life that directs your destiny. Your attitude determines how you react to things that happen around you but it also affects those things around you.

I’m sure you have heard of the Law of Attraction. Well this law is activated by your attitude. It is the beliefs and thoughts that you perpetually think that attract things, people and situations into your life. Get your attitude right and you will get your life right.

The problem with resisting change is that your attitude is making you focus on the things about change that you do not like. Therefore, through the law of attraction, you will just attract more things to you not to like.

By embracing change and viewing it as a blessing that keeps your life exciting and fresh you will attract changes to you that are exhilarating and guide your life onto new and wondrous paths.

How many times have you felt stuck in your life? Are you feeling stuck in a certain area of life right now? Is it your finances, career, relationships or something else. Why are you stuck? You are stuck because you will not accept change and embrace the new opportunities that it offers.

You are staying focused on what you do not have and not opening your perception of the already existing opportunities around you. It really does all come down to how you focus.

The first change that must occur in your life, before any other change can happen, is in you! When you change the world around you changes to reflect the changes in you!

By allowing yourself to fully engage in the changes that are occurring around it is much easier to make the necessary changes within yourself that will lead you to a better and more fulfilling life.

Do not think it is time to lose the fear of change and embrace new opportunities for growth and happiness? Would you be 100% happy if you could stop change and just keep everything exactly as it is? I bet not.

Therefore you can realise that it is not change that you fear because you wish to change certain aspects of yourself or your life for the better. It is therefore the fear of unknown and unwanted changes that you are holding on to. Where is your focus?

By removing the fear of change and embracing it you can be sure that the things you are attracting to yourself are positive and life-affirming!

Would you like to remove the fear of change and embrace it while making it a positive force in your life? If you would go to Sedona Method to find out how easily you can do it.

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