Failure Is Just The Beginning!

To fail is merely the beginning of the journey to success! When people fail to reach their goals or objectives they often get disheartened and may even quit trying. However, failure should be the start not the end!

Failure is an event it is not an outcome. Failure only becomes an outcome if you FAIL to keep trying. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as failure only giving-up!

You can rebound from failure and still make it to the top of the hill. In fact, in time, you will be thankful for your failures because you will learn to use them as learning experiences.

The only reason why you fail is because you do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to complete your task. When you fail it is only an indication that you need to do more preparation work!

Perhaps your thinking isn’t focused enough upon the “having” of your desire. It may be that your plan for attaining your goal wasn’t realistic or needs some fine-tuning. Perhaps you lacked certain skills that your failure has highlighted to you.

Whatever the reason was for your failure analyse the event! See were you fell short and immediately take steps to recify that short-coming!

Failure is a teacher and although sometimes it seems heartless, cold and even wicked it only exists for your “greater good”! It prods and pokes you into making the changes that are necessary so that you can build up yourself, your thinking and your plans to achieve ever greater things!

When you fail, get back up on the pony and try again, the only thing that can stop you from succeeding is you! So let go of the negative flow and rebuild your dreams. Take them one small step at a time.

Welcome failure when it comes. You don’t have to like it but you should respect it. Respect failure as you would any teacher that is there to deepen your understanding and help you better your life!

You must first understand that your difficulties of today are helping to mould and shape you into the person you will become tomorrow.

It is through trails and tribulations that you grow. So be grateful for the problems, as the problems of today shall be your victories of tomorrow.

Try not to target too much of your attention on the problems you face. It is fine to identify a problem and admit that you have had a temporary set-back (what you would once have called a failure).

However, once you have identified what is wrong immediately begin to focus on possible solutions. If you can’t see any then focus on the end outcome. Focus on your goal! If you remain steadfast and concentrate your mental energy on the focus of what you want and see it in your mind’s eye as having already been accomplished the way to overcome your problems will eventually present itself to you!

Remember that failure is just the start and you are actually setting yourself up for something better. Always move forward after your set-backs. It is inevitable that you will feel a certain degree of disappointment but you must brush this off and the best way of doing this is by staying focused on a mental image of your success!

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