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Erotic Hypnotics

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Erotic Hypnosis – There are three main descriptions of Erotic Hypnosis. The first is experiencing any sexual fantasy in the vitual reality of trance, and have them be completely believable. Just like in an erotic lucid dream! The second involves the use of hypnosis to help you seduce the man/woman you desire and have them acting just the way you’ve always wanted. The third is using hypnosis to make yourself feel more desirable and exude more charm, magnetism and attraction. All of these can be achieved with the power of erotic hypnosis.

There are sites dedicated to erotic hypnosis such as NiteFlirt Erotic Hypnosis. They offer a variety of attractive female hypnotists that give hypnotic, erotic phone sessions and also sell erotic hypnosis mp3s!

erotic_hypnosisYou can also get self hypnosis recordings at Wendi Hypnosis for ‘The Big O’ (designed to heighten a woman’s pleasure with you know what!). ‘Yes Yes Yes’ teaches your body to respond in ways you never imagined possible (Quivering Loins, waves of immense pleasures, pulsing, pounding). All eroticism starts in the brain! ‘Hypnosis and Sex An Erotic Hypnotic Experience’ offers fun and sexy things you can do with hypnosis.

You can even get one for seducing someone you have your eye on with her ‘Remote Psychic Seduction’. She offers cds to highten your sensuality and gain a more magnetic persona. You can read a full review of her products at wendi friesen!

You can also manifest the ‘LOVE OF YOUR LIFE’. Tap into the mystical power of this universe to find your soul mate and enjoy love deeply and have a wonderful physical relationship.

Erotic Hypnosis Conclusion

Erotic hypnosis can be entertaining, passionate and great fun!

If you want to test the power of self hypnosis then I would suggest you try one of Wendi’s great recordings. Why not improve your love-making or even live out your erotic fantasies in the privacy of your own mind with erotic hypnosis.

Alternatively you can use NiteFlirt Erotic Hypnosis if you want to be a bit more risque. They offer telephone sessions and also great erotic hypnosis mp3s from a range of erotic female hypnotists.