EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Review

EFT is a shortened name given to the Emotional Freedom Technique – a powerful easy to use system for removing blocks to prosperity, health, success and abundance. Also see abundance attracting eft emotional freedom technique.

What is EFT?

Gary Craig, an EFT master practitioner, states that “EFT is emotional relief that brings physical health”.

Based on impressive new discoveries regarding the body’s subtle energies, EFT has been proven successful in thousands of clinical cases.

It applies to just about every emotional and physical issue you can name and it often works where nothing else will”.

In the beginning EFT was used mostly to treat physical ailments and it has been very successful in this respect.


Brad Yates Demonstrating EFT

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How Matter is Moulded

Very recently many EFT practitioners have experimented and tested its use for other life altering experiences like using EFT for attracting money.

Now before you laugh remember what the Quantum Physicists say – thought is the controlling factor of matter!

EFT-financesBasically all you do is take your first two fingers and tap on various points of your body while saying affirmations – many of which are worded extremely negatively.

These affirmations bring up negative emotions which the tapping eliminates. You finish the session by tapping on some positive emotions in order to ‘anchor’ them and thus give yourself new behaviors.

It can also be used very effectively on pain control.

Very easy stuff!

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How EFT Works

EFT is really simple to learn and even easier to use.

I was extremely skeptical at first. I just couldn’t see how tapping on my crown temple and different points of my body could do anything but give me a sore head! But in the interest of self growth I gave it a try.

The results were remarkable! After each session I felt lighter and much more positive about the situation I was “tapping” on.

After the first session I began to think that this was something akin to a placebo (where you are convinced something will work even if t has no real valuable. Like a doctor giving someone a sugar pill and telling them its a head-ache tablet and the pain goes away).

tapping on hand for EFTHowever, I remembered that I didn’t even think it was going to work and after several weeks NONE of the negative emotions I “released” came back!

Many of the areas I was working on with EFT began to change as my attitude towards began to shift. I sought out some “energy teachers” like Carol Tuttle and began tapping on relationship issues I was having. Hey Presto like magic my relationships started to improve as my behavior changed.

I would suggest that you check out EFT and give it a try. There are lots of sites dedicated to it and it really does work.

I have included a link below to a site that offers great information and some free stuff to let you experiement with the effectiveness of EFT before you delve into it. I have to say from my own experience that EFT really does work! Also see abundance attracting eft emotional freedom technique to see how Joe Vitale uses EFT in ‘Money Beyond Belief’.

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EFT Origins

EFT is a relatively new discovery. I say that it is relatively new because it is based on the ancient Chinese therapy of acupuncture which has been around for thousands of years!

Like acupuncture it is a way of clearing the emotional blockages in your own energy field except there is no need to use needles.

EFT_logoInstead, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips.

The process is extremely easy to use and after trying it a few times it is easy to remember all the points to tap on.

So how does tapping on points of your body eliminate negative emotions?


Removing Emotional Blocks

Well, within the personal development & self improvement field it has been well established that our emotions are a strong factor in determining how we think and act.

How to Overcome an Emotional BlockIf you look at any hypnosis program you will find that it centers around creating change in your emotional and mental responses in order to make you more responsive and less reactive!

By being more responsive and having new behaviors you become much more productive and therefore one would assume more successful.

On a deeper level it is believed in all metaphysical circles that our thoughts and emotions actually create our reality.

Now before I lose you and you click away from this page please bare with me!

This metaphysical view is now being supported by new discoveries in Quantum Physics!!!

Quantum Physics states that you cannot have matter unless mind enters into it.

These physicists state that mind is actually transmuting matter all the time and that matter cannot exist independent of mind.

There have been extensive tests conducted on matter particles that prove, without question, that mind affects and SHAPES matter!!!


Altering the Body at the Quantum Level

Quantum Physicists now believe that the controlling factor of matter is thought!

They believe that thought controls the entire physical universe and also our own bodies.

Your thoughts are actually shaping the structure of your body at a quantum level and this is where your cells and the molecules of your physical self are created.

Are you still with me?

OK then let’s continue.


So let’s assume these smart people are right and that our thoughts really are creating our bodies and our physical life experiences, as well as all the physical matter around us.

Ok so where do our thoughts come from? Well obviously we originate them ourselves within our own mind. However, our thoughts are strongly influenced by our feelings.

You get the thought you want to eat because you feel hungry. You get the thought you want to sleep because you feel tired. Our thoughts are mostly on autopilot because we allow our feelings to take over.

It is believed by many people, and has been believed for over 5,000 years in China, that our physical body is surrounded by our own energy field.

When we have emotional issues and negative feelings this energy field becomes blocked at certain points.

I hope I am not about to lose you again because science is starting to point to this discovery as well!

So EFT was developed as a method of clearing these emotional blockages in our energy system and thus freeing us from the corresponding negative emotions. It has the same effect as the sedona method and the release technique is just as easy to use.

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