What is an accurate definition of emotion? Is there a reason we have them? Displaying emotions can greatly enhance our communications, joy and relationships. They are a part of what makes us humans. However, I propose that emotion can and does play a much more vital role than that especially when it comes to our personal development and self growth!

The medical profession, i.e. most psychologist and psychiatrists, tend to judge emotion as the product of the brain – a response mechanism to outside and inner stimuli. They spend most of their time studying the brain and I believe not enough resources and effort has been devoted to the true nature of emotions.

Spiritual teachers on the other hand have devoted much time to the subject and we can therefore learn a lot from their teachings. If we really look at ourselves in an honest and objective manner we find that every thought we have and action we take is driven by emotion.

I believe that our emotions are guides to our own inner world. There are a multitude of emotions that a person can feel at any one time. However, each emotion we feel at any moment tends to makes us feel good, bad or indifferent. It is we who label these emotions as either good or bad for as Shakespeare said “nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so”.

When we are feeling bad it is merely a reflection of wrong thinking. We are no longer in alignment with what we want and our emotions reflect that. For instance, if you have a goal to build a flourishing business but feel frustrated at your lack of movement or hate your job then you are not in alignment with your goal.

You can actually generate emotions to help you manifest the life you want as outlined in Bob Doyle’s wealth beyond reason course.

For example, by practising gratitude for the things you have now you will begin to attract more of those things to you. Practising gratitude makes you feel good and you are therefore in a more responsive and creative state. You are not grasping for the things you want because you are happy with what you have. This frame of mind unleashes a tremendous amount of power within you.

Holding a firm mental picture of your business as flourishing and believing that wherever you are now is the necessary place you need to be to help you get closer to the realisation of that goal will also make you feel good.

Use your emotional state as a gauge for your thinking. When your thinking is not in alignment with your goals then you feel bad. When it is in alignment you feel good. This approach offers a very simple, yet effective, way of cultivating a happy emotional state and also ensures you stay on the track to reaching your goals.

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