The Effort Free Life System Review

The Effort Free Life System like most personal development programs offers a lot – anything you want from life!

I ordered this system at a point in my life when I was discouraged by my own personal development. Although I had used techniques and products to manifest many wonderful things and actually change myself from the inside out I was not in the place in my life where I wanted to be. After I purchased it I was pleased to learn that dealing with this is the first key to the Effort Free Life system.

The product is the creation of Chris Payne, the Managing Director of Lifetools, a UK company that sells personal development products such as paraliminal CDs, thegenius code and until recently the sedona method to the UK market.

His approach to the Effort Free Life System is somewhat naïve in places and his enthusiasm is almost child-like (not really a bad quality, I am just used to listening to over-articulated deep thinkers) but the information he gives you is unbelievable – literally. When I heard what the system had delivered to others I was impressed but had the usual thought that ‘dogs’ the personal development student i.e. “Yeah but it won’t work for me!”.

Boy was I wrong!

Having been interested in personal growth for many years the insights Chris offers on the CDs left me feeling “why didn’t I think of that?” For at a deep level you feel and understand that you have been given the key to tap into your innate power.

At the core of The Effort Free Life System is a process called CAP. It is designed to get you into the present moment. Every personal development program, technique and guru tells us that we must stop resisting in order to change our lives. We must learn to release our resistence. By resisting we create frustration, anger etc., and are actually focusing on what we don’t want – remember we always get more of what we focus on! The first step of this system teaches us how to easily get into the present moment and stop resisting what-is within about 30 seconds. Truly effort free!

This effort free exercise alone is enough to dramatically boost your personal development in any area of your life. However, when you get to, what Chris calls, the ROBERTA model the power of the system really kicks in. Using this model you can create your future as you wish it to be. Payne tells us that you can do this in 3 mins. Well maybe he can but I can’t and neither can anyone I taught it to. In my experience it takes about ten or fifteen minutes to properly complete the ROBERTA model. I have been practising the system for a month now and the results have been astonishing. I have saved a relationship that was in difficulty and manifested a motorcycle. I taught it to others who have manifested a house, a supervisor’s job and a teenager even used it to ensure 10 of her friends went to a concert when 6 of them didn’t want to go and the tickets were sold out!!! Please note that it took one month to get the motorcyle but the rest occurred within 2 days of using the ROBERTA model. Not bad for fifteen minutes work!

I know this sounds unbelievable and when I first read the testimonials about how effort free the system was and the speedy results others were getting I honestly didn’t believe them. I have since changed my mind.


The Effort Free Life System is powerful! After using it for only one month I can truly say that it delevers on its promises. I can only dream of what it will do to my life from now on.

There are two draw-backs to the system. Firstly its approach – Although Chris Payne shows you how to deal with limiting beliefs and to easily install new empowering beliefs I think he could have delved deeper into its uses for personal development.

However, the serious student of self improvement will have little trouble adapting it to his/her own use. The ROBERTA model can even be used prior to using any other system, product or technique to ensure success with it. For example I used it before listening to one of my favourite self hypnosis recordings and entered into a profoundly deep trance while becoming more aware of suggestions I had previously ignored (albeit subconsciously) and found that I have integrated them into my belief system at a very deep level. I also had some great results when I used it prior to listening to some subliminal messages on MP3!

The second drawback is the price Payne asks for The Effort Free Life System. I must admit that it is worth many thousand times the asking price because I know from experience that it can be used to manifest money from nowhere. Nevertheless, the high price will stop many people from trying the course because most of us have been “burnt” many times before. The wealth beyond reason course gives similar results and is much. much cheaper!

However, LifeTools do offer a very unique money-back guarantee. If you take the 31 day challenge of using the system and don’t get results you can get your money back and as much as £997 ($1,820) extra! You have to send an email everyday giving answers to exercises in the course just to show that you are actually using it. One reviewer actually commented that it would be a good investment to buy the program, try it and then send it back (he still has it!).

You don’t give a better than money-back guarantee like that unless you believe in your product. You will see why when you try it!

Effort Free Life System