Effective Quit Smoking Hypnosis!

Smoking is an expensive and damaging addiction. It has no benefits and enough drawbacks to leave many people wondering why it is still legal!

Almost everyone who smokes comes to the conclusion, at some stage in their lives, that it is a pursuit and action which is far from their best interest to continue.

However, smoking is highly addictive.

The main addiction that develops from smoking is the addiction to nicotine. However, there are many other subtle addictions that are not openly apparent to non-smokers – such a cigarette after a meal or first thing in the morning.

In fact, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of little rituals, from walking in the park to sipping on coffee, that have become anchored to smoking. This is one of the main reasons that quitting smoking can be so hard!

Over many years a person develops the habit of smoking in certain circumstances and once they stop smoking all these circumstances remind them of their habit and create a craving for a smoke!

The actual addiction to nicotine can be broken in about three days. However, the rituals that are associated with smoking are so powerful that many people return to the habit even after they have broken the physical addiction.

This means smoking is not only a physical addiction to nicotine but also a mental addiction to the rituals of smoking. To prove this think of someone you know who has tried to “quit” and wore patches or chewed the appropriate nicotine gum yet kept smoking. This demonstrates the power of ritual!

When we have a mental addiction the only way to deal with it effectively is through a mental solution. This is the reason many people all over the world have such great success breaking the smoking habit through the use of hypnosis. In fact, smoking cessation is one of the most popular uses of hypnosis these days.

As well as making the effort to break the physical addition to smoking hypnosis can be used to reprogram the subconscious mind to stop the cravings for a cigarette in situations where the urge is usually so strong that you break you decision to “quit”.

Hypnosis has an extremely high success rate at breaking habits and this is especially true for smoking. So many people have used hypnosis for this purpose that the industry have devised and perfected many techniques to ensure the habit can be broken quickly and permanently.

The only drawback to using hypnosis is that you must be willing to go into trance. Regardless of what the media and Hollywood present, hypnosis is not something that another person can “do to you”. You must be a willing participant.

Likewise, you must want to stop smoking. Having the desire to “quit” is essential. If you do not truly desire to stop and are only attempting to for someone else or to conform in some way the procedure will most probably fail.

However, with a real desire to stop smoking and just a few hypnotic sessions you can eliminate this destructive pattern from your life completely!

Would you like to stop the smoking habit quickly and permanently with the next few days? Then visit quit smoking hypnosis now!

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