Duke University’s Subliminal Advertising Research Findings & What It Means For You

Subliminal advertising refers to the concept of using hidden messages embedded in an advertisement that are designed to go unnoticed by the conscious mind of the viewer but be perceived and acted upon at a subconscious level.

There has been a great debate raging since the 1950s as to whether subliminal advertising, or even messages for that matter, are effective. However, this does not stop marketers using them even though they are considered a deceptive business practice by the Federal Trade Commission.

Subliminal advertising is controversial and the thought that it might be used without our knowledge leaves many people feeling uneasy and violated.

Although there are still members of the scientific community who believe that subliminal messages do not have any effect on human behaviour and, in fact, do not even reach our brain, modern scientific research is showing that is not the correct viewpoint; research in Universities across the world is now showing that subliminal messages do reach the brain and do effect our behaviours!

Below is a video from Duke University that demonstrates the power of subliminal messages to affect our thoughts and behaviours.

Duke University Subliminal Experiments

As you can see subliminal messages do affect the brain and behaviour of anyone who is exposed to them.

The self improvement industry has known this for a long time and has taken advantage of this technology to help change lives. However, not all subliminal products work. This is further explained at Subliminal CDs.

Subliminal messages are so powerful that they have been utilized for decades by marketing executives in their drive to promote products. By changing consumer’s emotional responses and by “speaking” directly to the subconscious mind advertisers found that they could alter a consumer’s buying behaviours and make their products appear more attractive to them!

In the same manner it is possible to use subliminal messages to alter your own behaviour and your own emotional state. When you convince your subconscious mind that something is true it will do everything in its considerable power to ensure that it remains true.

If the subconscious mind encounters anything in yourself or your environment that contradicts what it believes it will work tirelessly to change it so that you circumstances reflect that belief!

This simply means your subconscious mind makes its beliefs true! If your subconscious mind believes you are poor and destined to always be poor and you suddenly win the lottery don’t expect to keep the money for long!

The good news is though, that through a carefully chosen set of subliminal commands it is possible to convince your subconscious mind of anything!

Imagine convincing your subconscious mind that you are rich or popular. What do you think it will do if your circumstances do not reflect these believes?

It will, of course, do everything it can to make them true – and your subconscious mind is powerful! So, what are you waiting for? Start programming your mind today!

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