Dream Control!

Would you like to remain conscious in your dreams so that you can take full control off your dream environment, the characters in your dream and even the laws of physics so you can fly? Would you like to experience these dreams as though they were as real your everyday life?

Well it is possible when you know how to lucid dream!

The first step to becoming a lucid dreamer is to get to the stage where you remember your dreams. After it’s pretty pointless being able to control a dream if you don’t remember it!

Now, although some people think they do not, everyone dreams! It’s just that some people never remember their dreams. During an average 8 hours of sleeping you will have 5 or more dreams. That’s 5 chances to awaken in the dream state and take control! You can meet who you like, be who like, go where you want and do ANYTHING you desire!

To start off on your quest for lucid dreams get a diary and place it beside your bed with a pen. Before retiring at night take several deep breaths and relax yourself. Now mentally tell yourself that when you awaken you will be fresh, rested, full of energy and will remember your last dream in vivid detail.

When you do this do not be surprised if you waken after every dream recalling the details. You can write those in your diary if you wish or just drift back to sleep. Either is fine as long as you recount, in your diary, at least one dream.

Now do not be alarmed or dismayed because you have woken after each dream and think that this is interfering with your night’s rest. We ALL wake up several times during the night, usually directly after a dream, it’s just most of us forget we have woken. It is natural and will in no way interrupt your sleeping pattern nor will it affect your rest!

After several days of this practise look over your written dream accounts and look for recurring themes. I always seem to be travelling or on a journey in mine. Your dream signs may be different. You will also notice that you may have been in a familiar environment – such as work or home – yet it looked completely different. These are fantastic dream signs that can help you become lucid!

From now on during your normal day ask yourself “am I dreaming now?” Look for clues that you are dreaming. Is your environment the way it always is or is there something strange about it? Look for your dream signs. Are there any?

Now this may sound silly because you know you are not dreaming. However, what we do during the day is often carried over into the dream state. And, if you make it a habit to ask yourself these questions then sooner or later you will ask them while you are dreaming!

Carry on these activities for several days and should have several opportunities to enter a lucid state when you are dreaming. The key is not to force it but just be playful.

So prepare for your first lucid dream and enjoy!

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