Does The Sedona Method Really Work?

Does The Sedona Method Really Work?

Firstly the Sedona Method manufacturers, Sedona Associates, make BIG claims for their product (which they would need to due to its price). They claim that you can have anything and everything life has to offer by using a simple technique. So, is this really possible? Have Sedona Associates created the “magic pill” that can eliminate pain, suffering, hardship and disappointment forever?

Let’s examine their claims!

To start with the Sedona Method is an incredibly simple technique to learn and it is very easy to use. In our highly complex world, you will find it is a huge relief to work with a technique that is so elegantly simple. There are no intricate visual images to conjure up, affirmations to chant, flashing lights to watch or funny noises to listen to – just a simple easy to use technique!

In fact, one of the reason Sedona Associates give for the fact that they teach there technique in a 20 CD audio program is because it takes several days for your mind to accept that true relief from even your hardest issues can be this easy to realize!

So how does the Sedona Method work?

It works in the instant. It does this because it is based on removing unwanted emotions. “How will this help me reach my goals” you may ask and that’s a fair question.

Well thoughts create reality – that is a universal truth that I’m sure most of you will argue with. However, what most people are unaware of is that it is your feelings that drive your thinking! Not only that, but your suppressed emotions are responsible for ALL of your subconscious negative beliefs!

The Sedona Method is a technique for removing the unwanted emotions that drive the negative thoughts. When you “release” the feeling behind your negative belief the thoughts vanish by themselves. It is truly an amazing thing to experience. What’s more you are left feeling light, like a burden has been lifted from you, after EVERY release (which takes only seconds to do).

Most emotionally based systems require you to find out why you are feeling the way you do before permitting yourself to let the feeling go – as in psycho therapy. However, the Sedona Method , never gets into the reasons behind your feelings it juts guides you to let them go instantly. This is a powerful technique and unique way at dealing with emotional issues – and IT WORKS!

From the perspective of removing negative thoughts, beliefs and pent up frustrations and other feelings the Sedona Method, and its sister product from a different manufacturer the Release Technique, is second to none!

If you want instant relief from negative or unwanted feelings and thoughts there is no faster way to do it!

If you are interested in finding out about the claims made by Sedona Associates about the Sedona Method’s ability to create physical goals read the review at Sedona Method.

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