Diviniti Hypnosis Review

British TV Presenter Testimonial

Diviniti produce the UK’s ‘best selling’ self-help CDs (source: Amazon, Waterstones & Whitaker UK audio book charts).

The biggest seller is ‘Learn to Think Positively’ and once you listen to it you know why!

The 3D digital Sound Technology creates the best audio effects on any CD I have ever tried (and I have tried hundreds). In addition, Glenn Harrold’s English accent makes a refreshing change and he uses it to skilfully guide the listener into a deeply relaxed state.

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Glenn Harrold MBSCH Dip C.H.   A.Cert.CSHyp (BST)

Mr Harrold is a full member of the British School of Clinical Hypnosis.

He has combined his hypnotic expertise with his musical background to produce his own hypnotic CD series.

The Hypnosis Sessions

The hypnosis sessions incorporate a variety of trance-inducing tools such as sound technology and subliminal messages as well as the hypnotic script itself.

The whole experience is very enjoyable and on each consecutive listen a deeper state of trance is achieved. However, and I really hate to say this, but some of the music towards the end of the CDs is just irritating. (Sorry Glenn but its true).

It is within this annoying music, which lasts about one minute, that the subliminal messages are embedded. As repetition is the key to successfully using subliminal technology I can see absolutely no point in placing subliminal messages in a one minute piece of music. The only reason I can think of is to make the purchaser think they are getting more for their money.

On the plus side, there are two different tracks on each CD. These two tracks have completely different trance sequences designed to produce different effects. Now this is value for money!

Track one of the CD ‘Learn to Think Positively’ is titled ‘Always think Positively’. Track two is ‘Create a More Positive Future’. You are in fact getting two hypnosis CDs for the price of one.

We also purchased ‘Create Unlimited Financial Abundance’ and found that it also had two different trance sessions. One to ‘Create Unlimited Financial Abundance’ and the other ‘A Positive Attitude Towards Money’.

Don’t be deceived by the similarity of some of the session names on the CDs because they are completely different. No rehashed hypnotic suggestions on these CDs!

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Diviniti sell products that have Original script and the clever use of hypnotic language is skilfully enterwined with pleasent music and sounds (except once the trance is over and your ears are subjected to a battering!)

But the big question is “Do they work?”

Well they do produce a profoundly relaxed state which helps to heighten your visualisation abilities. Although there are some very well scripted suggestions the CDs focus quite heavily on visualisation. If you are not a visual person then these CDs are not for you. But even if you can create a simple visual image in your mind you will find that the hypnotic techniques used will heighten your abilities.

After several days of using the ‘Learn to Think Positively’ CD you will begin to see (what Mr Harrold calls) a subtle shift in your life. We found that the CDs did indeed help us to stay concentrated on the postive aspects of situations.

Personally I found myself reacting to situations in a most uncharacteristic way. When confronted with a problem my usual response is to think a negative thought first, then correct myself, then consciously force myself to look for the positive.

However, after about one week of listening to the CD (one track one day, the other the next) I found the first thoughts I immediately had were extremely positive in nature as if my mind were guiding me to the positive of the situation. I must admit that I was shocked later when I realised that on one occasion I actually thought a suggestion from the CD!

If I was only allowed one set of hypnosis CDs (by some all powerful being who stuck me on a dessert island with a CD player and plenty of batteries) I would have to say that I would chose to take my diviniti titles. They produce a very relaxed state and for once these hypnosis CDs actually seem to work.