Diet Pills!

The diet industry is getting bigger every year but unfortunately so are the people using it! Trying to lose weight is becoming extremely “BIG” business – if you excuse the pun – and yet very few diets, diet pills, diet potions or new weight-loss fads work!

With obesity becoming a serious condition and reaching almost epidemic proportions in the Western world, and even spreading to children, we need a real solution to deal this problem before we end of with an entire generation of over-weight, unhealthy people.

I’m sure you’ve heard of people making silly statements like “I just have to look at food to put on weight” and “I can’t help it, it’s glandular” or other excuses that are just as ridiculous. The problem with most people does not lie in their genes.

The vast majority of people eon this planet suffer form low self-esteem and a negative self-image. Herein lay the root causes of obesity. The simple fact remains; if you eat more calories than you burn you will get fat!

For 99% of people who suffer from unwanted weight gain it is a by-product of how they think!

Yes, it is true that some people have a natural propensity for burning more energy than others and have a higher metabolic rate but this is firmly rooted in their lifestyle and not their genes!

It is all too easy to blame our cells, DNA and hereditary for our physical weight gains but the truth is – if you are willing to change the way you think, and thus change your daily actions and routine, you will change your body as a result!

The very first step anyone, who is over-weight, needs to take is to sort out their thoughts and emotions. Many times we eat when we feel depressed, angry, sad etc.

“Emotional eating” is one of the main factors that contributes to obesity in adults. Let’s face we all know people who live on fast food and greasy meals yet they do not suffer from unwanted excess body fat. So what’s their secret?

These “strange” people, who can eat what they want and gain no undue excess weight, simply stop eating when they are full! If a fat person were to do the same their weight would gradually return to normal.

Now I am not suggesting we should eat fast food and just watch out intake. This type of diet brings its own misfortunes and health concerns.

However, the first physical step you should take (after you have sorted out your thinking) is to watch your portions. Lose the diet pills and fancy fad diets – they don’t work.

Instead don’t deny yourself foods that you want. Just watch your portions. Stop eating when your body let’s you know you are full. And, finally take 1 hour of extra exercise a day. This exercise can be broken into four 15 minute walks to make it easier.

Follow this advice and you will soon normalize your weight and feel a lot healthier!

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