Diabetes & Hypnosis!

Diabetes is now a worldwide epidemic of growing proportions. Some of the side-effects of undiagnosed diabetes are blindness, kidney disease, impotence and many others.

If diabetes is a health condition from which you suffer then there are several ways self hypnosis can help you. Hypnosis can be a powerful tool if you feel stressed because of your condition (or any other reason), if you have a child that suffers with diabetes. It is even possible to use hypnosis for yourself or your child to become motivated to exercise. In fact hypnosis can be used in a variety of ways to deal with this illness and lead a normal, healthy life.

Now, always be sure to have your doctor’s approval before beginning any hypnosis program but having said that if you explain to your doctor how you intend to use your hypnosis sessions (for stress-relief and motivation) he should have no problem with especially since the medical established has embraced hypnosis as a treatment tool for stress and other disorders.

As far as diabetes is concerned the very best effect of self hypnosis is to reduce stress. Stress robs a person of their personal power and as a diabetic you will find that when your stress goes up so does your blood sugar level.

Stress is a result of the “fight-or-flight” response. When a person enters this emotional state of mind, their body releases chemicals known as insulin-antagonists. This chemical release temporarily blocks the action of insulin while at the same time causing stored sugar in the liver and muscles to be released in order to give a greater energy boost than normal.

As a diabetic this is a most unfavourable situation and should be avoided as much as possible. Therefore any means, by which you can reduce stress such as through hypnosis, or the Sedona Method, is an extremely beneficial tool!

The problem with having diabetes is that the condition itself can cause its own stress. It is like a catch-22 situation you find yourself in where you need to de-stress in order to control the condition but the condition causes stress!

This harmful stress and heightened emotional state can make it more difficult for a diabetic to follow their doctor’s recommendations and perform their necessary daily routines to keep their diabetes in check.

Also, when a person is in emotional pain, they usually reach for whatever makes them immediately feel better which in many cases is food, which often is high in sugar content and detrimental to a diabetic. There is something comforting about eating a cream bun but the side-effects are damaging and far-reaching!

This can be lead to addiction which in the case of a diabetic can become fatal.

If you gave a child with diabetes this can be a most uncomfortable situation for both you as children naturally want sugary treats and may feel isolated because their friends can partake of such things while they can’t. Children not truly understanding the condition may also put pressure on a diabetic child to take such sugary treats thinking it an act of rebellion. Thus peer pressure can add to the problem.

Through the use of hypnosis it is possible to program likes and dislikes into the subconscious mind so that sugary treats actually become abhorrent to you or even a child.

So with its ability as a stress-reduction tool and as a means of re-programming the mind makes self hypnosis an invaluable tool for the diabetic.

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