Developing Intuition!

Stage hypnosis is often a perfect example of how we live our lives. If you have ever seen a stage hypnotist in action then you will understand the power hypnotic suggestion has on the hypnotised audience members. I once saw a Paul McKenna show in which he hypnotised a member of the audience to believe that he was Eminem’s biggest fan.

The audience member in this case was a business man in his mid-forties.

After giving the post hypnotic suggestions a piece of music played, Eminem in this case, which was the cue for the audience member’s post hypnotic suggestions to “kick in”?

Once the music played the middle-aged man, who was rather overweight, began jumping about the stage like a teenager singing the track as though he were the star himself. You see the man had taken McKenna’s suggestions and tailored them to his own life experiences. He did not see himself as a fan but as Eminem himself!

On another hypnotic show a man was told he could leave the stage whenever he wished to. However, this same man had been given post hypnotic suggestions that he really wanted to leave the stage but that there was an invisible wall between him and the end of the stage. As you can imagine, every time the man went to retake his seat he hit the invisible wall.

So, what do these two examples have to do with you and your life?

Well, what if you are really hypnotised? What if you are hypnotised to believe that you are a follower instead of a leader and that there are invisible walls between you and the success you desire? This may not be as strange as it sounds!

Think for a moment, did the people in our above two examples realise that they were hypnotised?

If either person had realised, even for a second, that they were in a hypnotic state, that realisation would have been enough to break their trance!

However, they did not realise it and were simply living out their experiences through their new view of reality!

In the same way the great majority of people today are hypnotised to believe certain things and because they do not know that these beliefs were given to them in a trance-like state they are unaware that they are living their lives and taking action based on beliefs that are post hypnotic in nature and very often wrong in their assumptions!

The truth of the matter is simple; we are all unlimited beings with unlimited will-power and the ability to create whatever we want. When we think anything other than that we are reacting to a post hypnotic suggestion that has been planted into our minds and which is untrue!

Society, our parents and our peers tell us what is possible for us and what is not and we “buy into” these beliefs. We either hypnotise ourselves into believing these assumptions are true, through the belief that the person or persons telling us are authorities on the subject, or through faith in those people’s opinions. Then through repetition these negative affirmations sink deeply into the subconscious mind and form our own beliefs and life experiences.

The key to living the life of your dreams is to wake up from your hypnotised state and see that the walls you think exist are merely falsehoods. Just as the invisible wall, that stopped the audience member from returning to his seat, wasn’t real so too your own inner limitations and negative beliefs are untrue. To see the truth of this all you have to do is wake up!

By far the easiest and fastest way to remove these negative post hypnotic suggestions and beliefs is through “releasing them”. Would you like to be free of all your limitations and have everything you want? Then visit The Sedona Method – read the review, follow the link and learn the free sample process, You will immediately see the benefits of starting to tear down your inner barriers – all within just a few short seconds!

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