Deep Trance Now Review

Deep Trance Now have a large library of titles and some strange ones to say the least! These recordings are designed for people with a serious esoteric leaning.

There are several free downloads once you sign up for the newsletter (which probably won’t come on the first attempt!) and you can listen to some free mp3 samples while you surf. I found the quality to be good even though, at first, I really didn’t like the voice that was trying to put me into a deep hypnotic trance. However on further listening I did achieve a state of relaxation and after awhile deep trance is achievable. The product range is good and well within budget. The scripts cover many different areas on the one recording to maximise potential benefits. I was a little apprehensive that this would dilute the effects – as many hypnotists tell you to concentrate on one or two things at any one time. So we put them to the test.

After receiving the free newletters (on my second attempt) I was a little worried about the scripts on the hypnosis titles as Dr. Laura De Giorgio’s first language is obviously NOT english! The emails have mis-spelt words and some terrible grammatical errors. However, after close inspection it appears that the good doctor is much more careful with her hypnotic work than with her newsletters. The scripts are well thought-out although they take a very holistic approach to personal growth.

The site states that ‘all recordings are enhanced with brainwave synchronization, to help you enter deeper levels of relaxation effortlessly’. Although there is a comprehensive explanation as to how this is actually achieved, the recordings just sounded like regular hypnotic sessions to me. It may be that they are using binaural beats much like the centerpointe techology. I much prefer the Hypnotherapy recordings offered by Hyptalk (Hypnotherapy of Nevada) and Wendi Friesen which also seem to produce much better results.

The homepage seems to take forever to download but we waited to test the free subliminal mp3s before purchasing some titles!

However, the best thing I found at the Deep Trance Now website, was a ‘little gem’ of a product designed to teach you meditation – The computer game The Journey to Wild Divine is a must buy for all those who love mixing personal growth and spiritual enlightenment with their computers. At the begining of the game you must hook yourself up to bio-feedback equipment which is also connected to your computer. Check out the review by clicking the link above.


Deep_TranceDeep Trance Now sell products that are designed for people who are attracted to esoteric/mind-over-matter subjects. They have titles ranging from winning the lottery to remote viewing. (We never tried the lottery title but did have one reviewer win on the lottery using hypnotherapy) from Hypnotherapy of Nevada. Deep Trance have great choices but initially I did not like the ‘hypnotic’ voice I heard. However, other reviewers and friends who listened found them relaxing as did I after the third listen. Perhaps it is just a matter of reasonance. You can easily make up your own mind by listening to the samples on the web site (you can access some even without signing up for their newsletter). Do check out the free subliminals!

We all found the hypnotic suggestions to be warm, friendly and centered on spiritual improvement as well as giving standard post hypnotic suggestions. Such a holistic approach made for some very enjoyable results that may not have been achieved using ‘normal’ hypnosis CDs. However, if you are looking for fast, reliable results I would strongly suggest you read the Hypnotherapy, by Hypnotherapy of Nevada, review first as we have had some phenomenal results using her cds!