Deep Meditation

Meditation has many benefits but really only one drawback. Although practising meditative techniques can reduce, or even eliminate stress, help in the healing of mental and emotional issues and even prolong life it takes an long time to learn how to do it correctly! Traditional meditative practices, that offer the most mental, emotional and physical benefits, take a lifetime to perfect!

However, with the advancements made in sound technology in the last few decades all this is about to change. Right now the advantages of meditation are available to those among us who don’t have time to learn how to meditate via “normal” methods.

I have attended guided meditation sessions and found them extremely beneficial. I left with a sense of peace and peace that lasted for many hours. Sadly, pressure of time and work meant I had to give them up.

Meditation is a learned ability, like any other, that you may not have been in a position to acquire. Even if you have tried to meditate before using conventional means, you may not have been able to achieve the relaxed state spoken of, never mind maintain it.

This is where modern technology, in the form of binaural beats, can come to your aid!

Although technology has created many of the problems in our lives, from traffic pollution and stress to obesity (to name only a few) it also creates many wonderful solutions. So, even though technology has caused its fair share of problems in our lives occasionally it can be a major blessing – think of medical advancements as an example!

Binaural beats act as a type of brain entrainment tool that can force your brain to produce very specific brainwave states. In fact, these special sounds are capable of producing any mental, emotional and physical state that corresponds to specific brainwaves – from creating more creativity, deeper sleep, inducing lucid dreams to faster healing times and the removal of painful emotional memories. These are all the benefits that you get from practising traditional meditation!

After years of research scientists have discovered the exact brain wave patterns that people experience when they are in very deep states of meditation. Using this knowledge there are companies who created binaural beats recordings designed to take you into the very same experiences and thus gain all the same benefits as though you had spent 20 years perfecting the art of meditation yourself – all within minutes!

There are companies like Centerpointe, who created the Holosync Solution, which uses these recordings for personal growth and self improvement. These high-tech recordings can accelerate any personal development plan and free your mind from stress and painful memories long buried in the subconscious mind. In fact many unconscious self-sabotaging programs can be eliminated and replaced with positive life-affirming and goal-affirming beliefs through the use of binaural beats!

All you have to do is listen to the sounds through stereo headphones and let the recording do the work automatically. Some recordings have the added advantage of having subliminal messages embedded in them to make them even more powerful.

You can still practice your usual meditation technique while listening to CDs such as Holosync or you can just use the time for quiet reflection and let the recording do all the work. You can even think about everyday issues.

However you decide to use your session rest assured that the special sounds embedded in the recording are working ceaselessly in the background to create the changes you desire. Using recordings such as Holosync guarantees that you enter extremely deep states of meditation. There is no more guessing about whether you are doing it right or not!

If you are sleepy, or even exhausted, you may even go to sleep while the sound technology at work re-arranges your neural network as it still works its “magic” – all without any effort on your part!

Do you want to meditate as deeply as a Zen Buddhist monk and gain all the advantages of 20 years of meditative practise at the touch of a button? Well find out how it is possible to enter such states within a few minutes with Holosync!

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