Deep Meditation And The Didgeridoo

If you have been a student of self improvement or personal development for more than even a few weeks then you will most certainly have heard of meditation. However, have you actually come across any useful meditative practices or shortcuts to enter an ultra deep meditative state?

The general meditation techniques available online are very valuable and have many benefits but it is a little like being in kindergarten. Its time to get out of kindergarten, pass high school and college and go into post college work!

Although general meditation is great for stress reduction and creating a sense of peace it is deep meditation, like those meditative states practised by Eastern Masters and Buddhist monks, which offers the most benefits. Ultra deep meditative states lead to major moments of personal growth and self-awareness. Such states are designed to bring you into alignment with the Universal Source of all things. As the Zen Masters believe, these states are designed to bring you into connectedness with the Oneness of all creation.

Extremely deep states of meditation enable brain synchronization. This occurs when both the hemispheres of the brain are working in harmony. This leads to whole-brain functioning which has a great many benefits such as increased physical health, the elimination of emotional upsets in the physical and mental systems and heightened intuition and creativity (to name but a few).

The ancient Aboriginal tribes, many, many thousands of years ago, would use a form of deep meditation to access higher sonic frequencies. This, they believed, allowed them to feel the deeper dimensions of reality which they believed to be non-physical in nature and energy-like. Of course we know in the modern world that this is extremely close to the truth. We know that matter only accounts for the tiniest fraction of reality and that even matter is composed of energy!

According to the ancient Aborigines our universe is composed of energy and the vast majority of it vibrates at a higher range than we do. How they came to such an in-depth understanding of the universe we will never know but their foresight and understanding is mind-boggling!

So they concluded that to feel the essence of the universe, which is of a higher vibration, they needed to raise their level of consciousness in order to get even the slightest glimpse of it.

The sound vibrations that these ancient people used can be likened to the inspirational music of today. All of us use music to uplift our mood, motivate us, and make us feel melancholy (we’ve all been there – we are feeling bad so we play “special” music to make us feel even worse).

In ancient times it was believed that sounds could be used to open energy centers in the physical and spiritual bodies which are known today as chakras or meridian points in the body (Chinese acupuncture is based on these meridian points).

Such sounds were created by instruments such as the didgeridoo which gives a deep tone and physical vibrational output (you can literally feel the music). Using these musical devices the ancient tribes could create in themselves extremely deep states of meditation which would be akin to the transcendental mediation which is practised today (although it is also an ancient art).

Well, luckily for us modern science has created the means to enter deep meditative states that are mind and consciousness altering without the need to learn how to play the didgeridoo!

Binaural Beats can now be used to create a myriad of altered states with associated physical and mental benefits.

In fact, even ultra deep meditation is not beyond the scope of modern science. A company called Centerpointe have created a product, called Holosync, which creates such deep states of meditation that it would take you over 20 years to perfect them without its aid! Now you can do it in three minutes!

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