Creative Imagination!

Creative imagination is more than simply active imagination. To actively imagine things you need to see, hear and feel things in your mind. Now this does not have to involve much creativity. Daydreaming, for instance, is a method of acute and vivid imagination.

Daydreaming can consist of a complicated fantasy world that would rival and Steven Spielberg film! So if you have ever had a daydream you are capable of guiding your imagination!

You can look at a door, close your eyes and see it. This is a form of imagination but you need to develop your creative imagination! Creative imagination, then, has to include the ability not just to imagine things, but to imagine original things.

In this way you can plan your life and visualize how it will be when you have everything you want.

Here is an exercise in basic creative imagination. It can be as simple as thinking in pictures. However moving images are much more powerful.

Just start by imaging a picture of yourself with some physical representation of a desire you have. Work over a few days to perfect your picture, as best you can, and make it more vibrant and colourful.

Ensure all the details are correct and that you are in the picture.

Once you can fill-in all the blanks of your mental picture start to make it come alive. Turn it into a colourful movie – a moving picture!

Now imagine your favourite piece of music is playing in your head. This should be easy if it is a song you listen to often. If this is too difficult just “hear” a simple rhythm or child’s nursery rhyme. Now visualise your moving picture, or mental movie again, and put the music over it.

Once you can do this start to let the music fade and hear yourself or others talking in the mental movie. Hear the birds singing if you are outside, the sound of your footsteps on the pavement, the hush of the wind etc. Just create the sounds that should accompany the picture.

Run this movie several times in your head over the next few days. You can keep the music in or remove it depending on how good it makes you feel. A positive side-effect of this exercise is that every time you hear the song on the radio or CD player you will immediately think of your mental images!

Now you should add your feeling senses. Imagine you can touch things in your mental movie. Can you imagine what they feel like? What texture are they? Are they warm or cold? Use your internal kinaesthetic senses to make your movie more realistic.

At this point you should be getting excited about interacting with that mental movie. If you aren’t – make sure you do!

The positive feelings that you feel when you view a visualised future event like this are the very power behind the attraction force that will bring that scene into reality.

If you continue to visualize your mental movie everyday, for about 10 minutes, you will start to see unbelievable changes and coincidences occurring in your life! Try it and see!

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