Custom Subliminals Reviewed

Subliminal Messsage are not your average subliminal CD manufacturer. In fact they don’t even make any! They let you do that for yourself; you make your own custom subliminal recordings!

Before we look at the unique approach offered by its best to understand how subliminal technology works.

Subliminal Programming

Subliminal programming works on the premise that you can bypass the conscious gatekeeper of your mind (i.e. the conscious rational mind), to influence the subconscious. Now anyone into self improvement knows that the beliefs and attitudes held in the subsconscious are the guiding forces in our lifes. These beliefs are the unconscious programs that create emotional responses and guide our rational thinking.

There is much evidence to suggest that subliminal programming does reach the subconciosuness mind. The fact that the messages are masked beneath music or ocean waves does not stop the subconscious part of us from hearing what is being said. A good example is when you have been in a crowed room with many converstaions taking place. It was impossible to keep up with everyone, in fact you may not even have been aware that you could hear the ones taking place at the far side of the room. Until, that is, someone mentions your name. Immediately your ears prick-up and your attention is shifted.

It seems that at every moment the unconscious (subconscious) part of your mind is reviewing millions of details that your conscious self just could not handle – such as the weight of your watch on your wrist, the feeling of the clothes on your body – and not until it becomes necessary or through conscious choice do these sensations become evident to your thinking self.

The Subconscious Mind

Okay so far? Then lets looks at the beliefs and attitudes that are held in your subconscious mind. Who put them there and how?

Well research suggests that there are two ways to influence a person’s subconscious and thus alter their belief system.

The first one is ‘faith’. If you do not doubt in the slightest that what you are being told is the truth then your subconscious mind will IMMEDIATELY reprogram your entire belief system to correspond with this new belief. It will create new patterns of thought that reflect this belief and feed them back to the conscious part of your mind whenever you are faced with a situation that corresponds to the belief.

You can see this easily if you observe children. As a child whatever your parents told you was gospel to you. When they said that something was true, you immediately began to restructure your belief system around the new ‘truth’ offered to you by the people you ‘subconsciously’ trusted the most.

That is not to say that they programmed your belief system. They did not! Every belief and attitude you have was put ther by you (not your parents nor your spouse nor your peers!). Theses beliefs exist in your mind only because you chose to believe them.

Okay this is all ‘fair enough’ you may say, ‘but as a child obviously I would believe what I am being told is true. I don’t take that attitude anymore. So how do I change these beliefs now? “. Good question.

In order to answer it we should look at the other way of influencing the subconcious mind. Remember the first is faith. The second is repetition!

Contacting The Subconscious

I am sure you have heard the saying, “If a man tells himself a lie often enough, he will come to believe it”. Within this statement lies the power of subliminal programming.

By repeating affirmations over and over as in the famous quote “everyday in everyway I am getting better and better”, we can affect change in our thinking. Subliminals go one step further. They bypass the conscious thinking mind to directly influence the subconscious. It is neccessary to bypass the conscious mind because once it hears the new suggestion it immediately accesses the old belief patterns – your attention shifts and your subconcious mind immediately throws back at you all the old programing. This makes change very difficult and extremely frustrating.

So if subliminal programming sends messages directly to the subconscious mind of the listener and the subconscious is the seat of beliefs and attitudes how come the programs don’t work for everyone?

The answer to that is simple. Not everyone has the same core beliefs and attitudes and not everyone experiences life in the same way.

For example, listening to a subliminal on ‘self-confidence’ will ensure that the affirmations reach your subconscious mind. However, there is no gaurantee that YOUR subconsious mind will act on them in the way that YOU desire!


custom-subliminalBecause the suggestions have been written generically to suite the widest possible range of listeners.

So, how do we overcome this little problem?

Well have found a rather neat way to get round that. Basically by giving you a kit that lets you make your own custom subliminal recordings. You don’t even need a CD burner – although this would be preferable if you wanted to listen to your new cutom subliminal on the move. However, you don’t need to be all that technically minded to hook your hi-fi or tape recorder to your computer and copy them onto tape.


The software created by is great. The manufacturers have produced a really neat product. I have been messing around with my own custom subliminal messages for some time now, with very good results. However, when I made mine with only a microphone and music playing over the speakers, the quality was terrible (although they still worked!). Using the tools from however a much more professional product is produced. They supply you with everything you need to create all the subliminals you want on your own computer.

They guide you expertly through the process and even throw in a few free subliminal mp3s (a bit silly considering they are selling their product on the fact that making your own custom subliminal is better!)

The only problem I have with subliminal messenger is that they give you a link to download an acoustic mixer (essential for making the subliminals) which only comes on a 7 day trial. After this you must purchase it for $20. I really think they should have noted this in the advertisments or increased their price and offered a free mixer!

Their basic package is enough to get you started and is actually cheaper than many other inferior ‘ready-made’ products on the market. If you have the time and the inclination you can get an upgraded version and make some terrific programs for yourself and your friends.

Even though I had to purchase a mixer I was very pleased with the product and have made some amazing recordings. If you are into subliminal technology then making custom subliminal recordings is the way forward.

Custom Subliminal – create your own custom subliminal recordings.