Cosmic ordering – what is it?

What is cosmic ordering? Well, it’s a theory that is the brainchild of German best selling author, Barbel Mohr, and put simply, if you want something to change or happen in your life, don’t just wish for it… order it! You place an order for whatever you want, to be delivered by the date you choose and send the order to the cosmos.

Sounds like total madness? Well the principles it works on have been around for quite a while really, under the far more familiar term of “postive thinking”.

By focusing the mind on positive concepts and expecting things to happen, the negative thoughts that so often prove to be our downfall are relegated to the cosmic dustbin.

How many times have you come up with the big idea to break it big, only to dismiss it because the negative thoughts come flooding in to derail your ambition. Thoughts like, ” I’m sure someone else has thought of it before me”, “I don’t know where to start”, “I’m not good enough – some one will do it better” etc..

We can all come up with a myriad of excuses to pathe the way for failiure or reasons why things can’t happen to us, and because we do, we convince and comfort ourselves with the idea that “it was never meant to happen”.

Mysterious entities that we refer to as “them” or “they” seem to hold the casting vote on our wishes.

All sound too familiar? I believe Cosmic Ordering is a vehicle to kick start the positve thought process by effectively bringing in a “cosmic” company to deal with our requests and remove the doubt element.

When we make a physical order for goods in the real world, we expect that a delivery will be made on time.

We are unaware of the processes that the company uses to fulfill the order but we expect them to deliver and if not, why not. In cosmic ordering we are no longer hoping for delivery, we are expecting it.

We have control of the situation and are no longer at the mercy of “them”, and “they” don’t call the shots any more. With positive thoughts we can set about changing things.

So go ahead and place your order for wealth beyond reason.

Robb became interested in the idea of cosmic ordering after hearing about the phenomenon in the press. Robb devised the Free Cosmic Ordering Service Form in response to friend’s questions on how they should place their orders to the cosmos. Using the form, orders can be placed totally confidentially and free of charge.

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