Personal Development Courses

ConciousnessOne offer a wide range of products from books to courses. Their site is easy to navigate and is not packed to over-whelming with self-help junk but instead focuses on a good variety products that from many well-known authors.

Their site offers free articles about and by their authors. Some very interesting tit-bits to be had surfing those pages. They give a professional service and don’t just concentrate on one area of spiritual development but delve into many of esoteric teachings.

It was while visiting their site that I first encountered ‘Healing Cards’ – beautifully designed little reminders of spiritual truths by authors that include Louise L Hay and Wayne Dyer. At $15.95 I passed on the urged to buy and decided on a CD instead (if you have good software on your computer you could make this kind of card yourself for a fraction of the cost).

I liked the fact that I could listen to samples before I purchased and this made it a lot easier to make my choice. I have bought products before ‘blind’ and been most disapointed in the result. However by letting the customer hear their selection before making a choice ConciousnessOne have made a move in the right direction and have also, in my opionion, demonstrated a high degree of ‘customer focus’ – well done!

ConsciousnessOne give the impression that personal development is something close their hearts and not just an amalgamation of products that they can sell. I was refreshed at the spiritual approach that this company has and will definately buy again from them in the future.