Conscious Manifestation

Life appears to be very unfair. Have you ever noticed a person who takes major risks in life and almost always comes out on top while another who has been cautious all his life decides to take a slight risk and gets ‘burned’ badly?

Why is this?

The answer lies in our ability to create our own reality. Nothing happens to us by chance and life may seem unfair but we are getting back exactly what we have given.

The human brain is like a radio transmitter and receiver. It is constantly transmitting at your own personal frequency out into the physical Universe. You transmit your personal energy vibration through your thoughts and feelings. This vibration ripples through the Universe and is then reflected back to you in the form of physical results in your personal environment.

We are all creators – everyone of us. We can create poverty or wealth beyond reason. We have just forgotten this and fail to notice that this is so. The truth is that we are always creating. The only difference between a successful persona and a person who believes they constantly ‘fail’ is one of consciousness. Successful people ‘consciously’ manifest!

Our outer lives merely reflect our inner feelings and how we consistently think. When we practise gratitude, for example, we find more things in life to be grateful for. When we are full of joy and excitement we are sending out a high frequency energy which in attracts back to us high frequency vibrations that take form as joyful life experiences. Likewise when we send out the vibrations of doubt, anger or fear, we attract challenging life experiences and people who use us. The Universe reflects life experiences that correspond to how we believe life is!

So in order to be successful all you need to do is to consistently transmit high frequency vibrations by changing your feelings and thought [patterns. This in turn will attract success and positive experiences to you. When something apparently negative happens, look for the ‘silver lining’. Tell yourself that “everything happens for a reason” or “this is leading me to something great”. You can’t believe what it will do to your life.

You are already manifesting every minute of everyday! Every thought you have has power and is fighting within the mass mix of vibrations to become reality. From its very conception a thought has only one purpose – to become real!

What are your thoughts attracting to you? Are 90% of your thoughts yesterday the same as they were the day before? Then you will get results that are 90% the same as you are experiences now. If you want new experiences, change your thoughts.

Set a very strong and specific personal development plan. Be specific about your intentions and about those things that you want to manifest. The more specific you get the better you will become at ‘consciousness’’ manifesting. Visualize it and enjoy the process. Turn your desire into a written statement and read it daily.

Try as best you can to detach from the outcome and how it will manifest. Allow yourself to accept the results you want or something even better. Effort can hold you back. By forcing a thing to manifest you are expressing distrust in the Universe and life itself to manifest your desires. Effort comes from the ego. Trust, belief and faith are higher vibrational frequencies.

Imagine how you will feel when your goal has manifested. How would you feel if it was already here now? Once you identify those feelings begin to cultivate them in yourself and the need to exert effort will be lessened and you will manifest must sooner.

Have faith that the laws of the Universe, which have existed since the dawn of time and will exist until all time ceases, will work as they have always and will always work. Do these small steps and your goal will fall into your lap probably from a most unexpected source.

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