Changing your Beliefs

Beliefs are the very driving force of your life – whether you realise it or not. Your beliefs determine how you think. How you think determines how you feel and it is a combination of your thoughts and feelings that drive your actions!

What is a belief?

A belief is any cognitive content that you hold as being true. It is a collection of thoughts that have come together to form a world or personal view of how thing “really are”.

As we grow and develop spiritually we sometimes take on ideas that are taken on faith and can not be scientifically tested. These concepts become mental pictures or mental movies that are a real representation of the world – as far as we are concerned. An example of this might be, “smarter people make more money” This might or might not be true. It all depends on the person

However; in our own lives we tend to filter reality so that it corresponds to our internal beliefs. We also manifest these beliefs in our own lives through our actions and interactions with others. Beliefs can be individual or cultural. We “buy into” many beliefs that are handed down to us without ever really evaluating those beliefs or analysing the validity of them!

Every culture develops a system of values and beliefs that are applied to meet a culture’s need. However, our experience of these beliefs and cultural values are either reinforced or disregarded due to our own personal belief system which changes at times through our experiences.

Often we cannot determine where exactly we picked up a belief. Much of what we believe is not a result of scientific reasoning or experience but rather from some idea that has been handed to us from peers, parents and society. A few of these beliefs are just a generational made without any prior thought or scientific analysis.

A lot of our beliefs stem directly from ignorance or fear. We may feel concerned, nervous or fearful of a possible or probable situation or event and believe that certain actions we take, or do not take, will lead to that imagined event. There may be a suspected risk or danger, real or not.

However, negative beliefs can easily be eliminated and replaced by their positive opposite through the use of positive visualizations or affirmations in combination with self hypnosis or other consciousness altering methods.

One of the best techniques available to alter one’s beliefs is the Sedona Method which can eliminate negative beliefs within minutes.

However, some of our beliefs are very positive in nature and healthy to our well-being and growth. For example, Man believes that he is powerful enough to can change the world and conquer his environment. A person may not believe that they themselves are capable of this but we certainly believe that the human race is capable of it. Without doubt we believe that the human race will continue to advance technically for example!

Your personal beliefs are based on your attitude. Our attitude is a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways.

We can empower ourselves and the lives of people around us with positive thoughts that lead to positive actions. Now we all know that trying consciously to remain positive can be an extremely difficulty, if not impossible task, and for that reason there have been developed mental vehicles to achieve this, such a the Release Technique.

We all have choices to make when we think. Almost always when we choose a thought or action we have a choice of at least two different directions to take. Start now to analyse those choices, at those times when you become consciously aware of them, and begin to change your attitude today. Your thoughts, feelings and actions will then begin to change and eventually your entire life will be unrecognisable – from little acorns grow mighty oaks!

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