Change your mind and the rest will follow!

Change is uncomfortable or the vast majority of people. For some it is even frightening. In fact change has extremely negative connotation for most people. On a deep emotional level we are creatures of habit and we find comfort in knowing what to expect and in our automatic behaviours. Unconsciously (and often consciously) we feel safe and secure when we can expect a certain outcome (even negative ones). The unknown frightens us and the comfort of knowing what to expect, even if it is negative, is a strong motivator for keeping the status quo.

The human mind is designed in such a way that it attaches meaning to everything so that you can better interact with your environment and other people. These internal attachments allow you to view the world in a certain way and know you place, and the place of others, in it. So change often represents a new view of things and a restructuring of our paradigms and focus and this is not only a challenge but creates an uncomfortable time of re-adjustment that we just do not like.

The unknown is always something that your mind has to process and this very often (in fact almost always) leads to our feelings of discomfort on many levels. The simple fact of the matter is that change represents the unknown and the unknown frightens us due to our very nature as human beings.

This can lead to many problems and unnecessary complication sin our lives because we do not want to embrace change. Life can only become better, and you can only overcome obstacles and resolve your own problems through change!

Even when something becomes comfortable we tend to embrace because it no longer has any “unknowns” associated with it. We feel comfortable in the knowledge of what to expect. This is how we get stuck in patterns of negative behaviour and tend to attract the same situations, people and events into our lives even when they are considered undesirable or unwanted – because it feels comfortable.

Our minds are very much creatures of habit. The comfort level of the mind is based on repetition and this is why, on average, it takes 30 days to make or break a habit – both of which are uncomfortable as they represent change.

Through repetition we learn certain orders and sequences in which things happen and we learn to recognize and respond according to these sequences. Then we can pass over our reactions and actions to the subconscious mind where it becomes automatic behaviour and familiar to us – thus removing the discomfort.

Every emotion that you experience is merely the result of an automatic response, generated by the subconscious mind, based on a sequence of events that are themselves based on past experiences. We have a natural tendency to view current situations by gauging them against prior situations.

The same applies to people, events and even ourselves. It is how we function in the world. We must have an internal map against which we can gauge our current reality otherwise each situation would be so new that it would take too long to process the information and we would be like children learning for the first time. The problem arises when this internal view of our reality is slightly twisted or disoriented by negative past events. Everyone suffers from this affliction and it seems part and parcel of the human condition at this point in our spiritual evolution as a species.

To change negative patterns held in the subconscious then we must first become aware of these patterns and be willing to embrace change. Just knowing that change is necessary in order to bring about your goals or desires is enough to override your natural fear of it. You must then become aware of your subconscious programs. These mostly take the form of beliefs and automatic emotional responses to events, people and situations.

Now, this is not as difficult as you may think. Just simply become aware of the fact that there is a part of you that responds and acts automatically based on your past experiences and associations. A conscious awareness of this truth is often enough to shift your awareness so you can start to see these automatic patterns that you have set up in the subconscious mind.

Once this patterns are made conscious removing them, or replacing them, is sometimes as simple as making the decision to do things in a different way or view situations differently.

However, there can be very deep seated emotional causes for patterns that require deeper more introspective work. This is why it is advisable to seek powerful methods, such as the Release Technique, to find and eliminate these insidious patterns once and for all.

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