Change Your Life!

Do you want to change your life? Then follow the nest easy steps and you will do just that!

1. Change the way you feel.

Our feelings are very important in our life. When we feel down, our life seems bleak and we feel unmotivated to do anything. When we feel bad we tend to attract more bad things to us.

However, the good news is that you can change your mood simply by thinking thoughts that are slightly better than the ones you are thinking now. Choose a thought that feels slightly lighter than the ones you are thinking now. Then think another and another until you raise your vibration. Our mind is phenomenally powerful. We just have to be in a position to steer it in the direction we need it to go.

2. Change the way you think.

This one can be hard. However, by following the advice above it is possible to change how you think and even alter long-held beliefs. You can accelerate this process by removing your own subconscious blocks through techniques like the Sedona Method.

3. Change the way you relate to other people.

When we relate to others it is highly important to understand where they are coming from. Just think how often you were upset at somebody just because you didn’t understand them or their perspective. If we will start looking for understanding first, in any situation, instead of simply reacting, we will avoid half of the problems that we have in our lives today.

4. Change the way you consider cash.

Money is a sticky subject for the vast majority of people. Some people actually hate money. They refer to it as being malevolent and evil or even place it on a pedestal. There is almost always some type of drama surrounding this subject in the lives of ordinary people. We have almost given money a life of its own!

The fact is though that money by itself is neutral. People do good or bad things with money – the money does nothing by and of itself! Money is merely an energy that flows from one corporation to another, one country to another and one individual to another. Get in harmony with money through something like the Release Technique.

5. Change the way you concentrate on your self.

You must change yourself from within before you can see any change without! You can’t affect any kind of change in your life if you don’t like your self. Your self worth will influence everything you do in life. If you don’t think you are worthwhile, your possibilities for success in anything lessen seriously.

6. Change the way you concentrate on your body.

If we do not look after our bodies, both from physical exercise and nourishment perspective, they just will not function very well. And if we do not feel well physically, you can bet that we won’t feel well emotionally, neither.

7. Change what you eat.

Nutrition, although previously mentioned, definitely deserves more emphasis. Today obesity is an example of the most important issues in North America. If we do not change that shortly it will become disastrous as the population ages.

8. Give only what you want to receive.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”, Luke 6:31. To bring this statement into the modern age, let’s take a look at it from a business viewpoint.

In sales to encourage the prospect to buy, we use such systems as mimicking, sincerity and others in an attempt to make that person trust us. But basically if all we do is practice that old biblical principal of making others feel how we wish to feel everything else will fall into place!

We are creating an emotional experience for another person every time we interact with them. This as well as all of the other principals we debated thus far is very straightforward. All we want to do is apply them one at a time and we’re going to become happier more of the time.

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