Change for the Better!

That is fundamentally how change from conscious effort works – As you focus more on your wants and less on the absence of your wants you will find opportunities readily presenting themselves in your life to create the very things you want.

As you bring more conscious awareness to your successes and focus less on your failures you’ll have more success to be aware of.

As you learn how to trust your instincts, intuition and hunches, while at the same time following your own plan, you will start to feel safer in the face of the temporary set backs that will surely present themselves to test your resolve.

Although it is technically possible to create the changes that you want instantly they will not present themselves in your life in this way!

Instant evolution would be a such a shock to your system and your present sense of self that you would subconsciously never allow it to happen hat way.

As a human you and I tend to resist change and so change comes slowly. We find it more comfortable to stay the way we are, in the situation we now find ourselves in and so on and so forth. This happens even if the changes are positive.

Let’s say you want to leave your job and start your own business. The potential benefits of such a change are well known.

However the potential results of being out of work and in debt, should the business not take off, are so horrible that you totally dismiss the whole notion as soon as you have it. You allow yourself to focus on the fear and if you do go ahead with the project anyway then you will most likely fail!

The difficulty with this plan is that it is dangerous and may well backfire on you if your fear of the potential negative results is larger than your wish for success. You must ensure your focus remains on what it is that you want and not on those things that you do not want!

When you set a goal for change that you truly want you must get your thinking straight. There are many ways to avoid falling into the trap of focusing on all the things that could go wrong.

There are methods and techniques that have been developed that can be used to eliminate the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs that drive this type of thinking mode. The Sedona Method is one such technique that can be used to instantly remove the negative subconscious programs that drive fear-thinking and failure!

It is up to you and only you to get your thinking right. You are the one who thinks your thoughts and feels your feelings. Of course you can always blame someone else by say, “you made me feel that way”, but let’s face it WE are the ones who feel the feeling. We are the ones who allow other’s to make us feel a certain way just as we allow outer circumstances to affect our mood!

This is why only you can decide what changes are right for you. Start now to remove your own inner limitations and begin to create the life you truly want today!

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