Carol Tuttle
Master Energy Therapist, Author & Spiritual Teacher!

Carol Tuttle is an energy therapist who deals with every area of life from money to health issues. She is another teacher who shows you how to use the Law of Attraction and has been on radio and television throughout the USA.

CarolTuttle_abcShe has many products each designed to deal effectively with a different area of your life and she even has some great advice to give on parenting. She runs the Carol Tuttle Healing Center and if you become a member you can get free “Carol’s 10 Secret Healing Techniques”.

My experience with Carol’s work involved the use of EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique. This technique is derived from the ancient chineese practise of acupuncture. It is believed that the human body has many different energy points that are connected via a myriad of energy channels and that illness, dis-ease and emotional problems are caused by a dispruption in this energy field.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking (cause I was thinking it too), this is a load of mumbo-jumbo, that good vibes ’60s thing that went out of style with flower power and the end of the Vietnam War. But, with the advancements in Quantum Physics my view of these type of things has dramatically changed!

We are now being told (well we have been told since Einstein’s equation E=MC²) that all matter is in fact energy! The Oneness of the Universe, which all the great religious leaders have taught, is in fact a scientific reality. Everything is connected – there is just one vast energy field.

Ok without getting too scientific let’s get back to EFT.

EFT_TapPointsBasically it is a simple technique where you use two fingers to tap in different areas of your body like the side of your head and collar bone, while saying affirmations. The affirmations themseleves are deisned to bring up any emotional energy you have around a specific subject. By tapping on your energy points it is believed that you can release the blockages in your energy system that are causing the emotional responses. It is a form of releasing negative emotions much like the sedona method although it uses a completely different approach. Carol Tuttle is an experienced and highly efficient teacher of EFT.

Whether you are aware of it or not the mind/emotion connection is a very strong influencer in our lives. Negative thoughts can cause negative emotions and likewise negative emotions can cause negative thoughts. The combination of these negatives is very destructive in our lives and most definitely stops us from living in peace, happiness and abundance not to mention the stress it puts on the body thus causing dis-ease and illness.

Carol Tuttle has a lot to offer. I will definitely check out more of her products. After using her EFTapproach to self improvement I am sold!

If you are interested in learning more about EFT you can get a comprehensive explanation and some instructions on its use from Carol’s website. There is also an interview with her on Bob Doyle’s Wealth Beyond Reason site.

I would advise getting the Carol Tuttle Introductory Package. It is cheap and will give you a good understanding of her work and approach to personal development. It includes her best-selling bookRemembering Wholeness, as well as two 1 hour cds entitled Creating Money and Affirmations to Change Your Life Now. Truly great stuff.

If you visit her site be sure to listen to the free Teleconference Calls to get a feel for her work.

Carol Tuttle – Master Energy Therapist Carol Tuttle