Career Growth and Excellence!

Achieving excellence in our work is a vital part of feeling truly satisfied in life. We desire our careers or companies to blossom, making us financially secure and content with our accomplishments. Here are 7 stepping-stones that lead to career expansion and excellence.

1. Make a pledge to Excellence.

A dedication to excellence is a first step to expansion in any endeavour. It’s not enough to point out what we would like to be excellent at. We must make a commitment to being excellent by pursuing ways to do that.

2. Empower Yourself and Others by Continuing to Learn.

A dedication to excellence needs you to continue the learning curve. Keep your talents sharpened by reading the newest books and attending conventions, classes, or workshops. Ask for feedback from employees, clients, supervisors, co-workers and employers. Often take deep consideration of yourself. Take inventory of yourself and look for key abilities that need improvement.

3. Network.

Tell many people about the specific ways that you can help to meet their needs. Compile an inventory of folks with whom you would like to work or do business with. Attend seminars or workshops that will give you the opportunity to network. If someone does not need your service, she or he might know someone else who does so don’t hesitate to talk to everyone.

Keep a supply of business cards handy and hand them out – they are no good sitting in your pocket! When you have made a business relationship with somebody or gained a satisfied customer, ask for referrals. Personal references can truly catapult your business to new and exciting levels.

4. Communication.

When networking or interacting with work-mates, communicate strongly by following three simple rules:


Raise questions to pinpoint the desires and needs of others. Listen empathetically, not only to hear, but to appreciate other points of view and maybe learn something new. Then clarify by rephrasing and repeating back what the other individual declared. If required, rephrase your query and ask extra questions.

5. Lead with Empathy.

No matter what position you hold now, you should be always leading others through the power your influence and through setting an example. You influence others with your thoughts and actions even if you aren’t conscious of doing so.

Think of three leaders whom you greatly admire – either living or dead. What characteristics and leadership abilities do you admire the most in those people?

This question will show your deepest leadership values. Leading with empathy is leading from your deepest values. These values let you target the strengths of those you lead.

6. Maintain Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Fitness.

A healthful body helps to maintain a healthy mind and vice versa. Cultivating our spiritual beliefs or just the belief in God or a Higher-Power bolsters our resolve to overcome adversities and concentrate on outcomes instead of roadblocks.

7. Serve Others.

We receive in this life only that which we first give. That includes our thoughts and perspectives. Fill your thoughts with the tradition of love for those you serve and those who serve you.

Communicate your deepest gratitude to consumers, clients, co-workers and staff for the role they are playing in your business. This will build trust, mutual appreciation and friendship. Show your gratitude in ways that provide better value than anticipated.

Trust clients and buyers to make choices that are right for them. By showing faith in everyone involved in your business you will find people enjoy rising to your expectations. They will also show more faith in you as a result of your mindet.

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