Can’t Get Over a Relationship?

There are many reasons for the break-down of relationships. Sometimes a partner strays. Other times the two people just drift apart. Many times it is merely a matter of things going stale in the relationship. Regardless of why a relationship breaks-down many times one of the partners is left confused, lonely and hurt. Try as they may, they just cannot get over the relationship!

Is this you? Do you know its over but can’t stop brooding about your past lover? Whatever they were like you just can’t shift their image from your mind. Do you avoid certain places and certain people because they only remind you of what you have lost? DO even television shows remind you of your ex?

If you are suffering from a lost relationship and brooding over what might have been perhaps it is time to move on! Living in the past and beating yourself up over things that have happened and your current situation will only make you ill. It’s time to get over that relationship once and for all and move forward in your life!

Memories can be a wonderful thing. They give us clear images filled with emotion that can last a lifetime; the holiday you will never forget, your best friend’s wedding, your first kiss, etc. Good memories make you smile and feel good inside. However, unwanted memories, with all their emotional turmoil, can be a thorn in your side or a splinter you just can’t remove.

Memories of your ex and the time you spent together can flood your mind and can send you into a spiral of depression or they can get you caught-up in unrealistic anticipation that keeps you from enjoying life. Memories are notoriously UNRELIABLE!

You must realise that you are probably only remembering the great times you spent with your ex and none of the bad times! Let’s face there were many bad times or you wouldn’t now be split-up!

All of the clichés and advice that those close to you have offered are empty words that just don’t help. If only it was as easy as just moving on like everyone tells you that you should do! Even when you know that brooding over a past relationship is hurting you and keeping you stuck in a rut it is not as easy as just stopping your thoughts. They just won’t go away no matter what you do!

However, there is hope. You can finally get over that relationship and strengthen your confidence and self-esteem to prepare yourself for better more rewarding relations with family, friends and new lovers! Your mind is a powerful instrument that can completely alter your life for the better and through the power of hypnosis you can finally rid yourself of the pain of your loss and prepare yourself for a better future!

By applying the tools of auto-suggestion and post-hypnotic suggestion you can quickly reach a stage where you have full acceptance that the relationship has ended. Rather than wallowing in misery and immersing your mind in old recollections you can use self, hypnosis to mend your life.

Self hypnosis will supply you with a method to give yourself the relationship closure that you need. It will easily break the negative cycles that all too often happen after a break-up. In addition it will prepare you for a more positive future and ensure that the next relationship you get involved in is a more positive life-affirming experience for you!

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