Can’t Afford Hypnotherapy?

Can you get a good alternative to a professional hypnotherapist that is cheaper but gives you the same outstanding results?

Well one the leading figures in the world of personal development believes you can and there is a lot of evidence to support his view. Richard MacKenzie has grouped all his knowledge and experise in the hypnosis field together to form a new site which is helping thousands of folks all around the world – and all for less than the cost of a meal.

Richard MacKenzie discovered a new way to get the power of clinical hypnotherapy out to everyone who needs it by creating professionally produced pre-made hypnotic sessions. After seeing a change in the the way music was produced and sold and how it is now recorded at low cost in digital format, he made a decision that MP3 downloads where going to be the best way for people to gain access to the amazing power of hypnosis.

McKenzie’s site offers an impressive range of titles with the addition of a risk-free 60 day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the changes the sessions make in your life just ask for a refund and you’ll get it immediately!

These recordings were made in response to the need for a new solution to the cost of hypnotherapy sessions. MacKenzie has used his years of experience as a hypnotherapist to produce the new MP3 downloads, which can now be acquired from his site at Richard MacKenzie Direct – where you’ll get his 60 day money-back guarantee as standard!

You can browse through the site and see just how many sessions are available to you. So you are sure to find a hypnotherapy title that will resonate with you and suit your unique and individual needs.

So who is Richard MacKenzie?

Richard MacKenzie first discovered hypnosis in his teens and developed a keen interest in the internal workings of the human mind and human behaviour. This interest would later go on to change his life in extraordinary ways and also change the lives of thousands of others all around the world.

He has spent all those years, since then until now, developing his craft and furthering his understanding of the mind and how hypnosis can be used to influence it. He is truly a visionary and works tirelessly to increase his own understanding and knowledge of these two subjects.

Now considered by many to be one of hypnosis’ greatest pioneers Richard has developed new and innovative approaches for getting extraordinarily positive, fast, effective and permanent results using hypnosis and self-hypnosis in life areas where nothing else has worked previously.

His training has spanned many years, and to this day he believes in continuing his personal and product development and developing the profession of hypnotherapy as a whole so that it is accessible to everyone and can be enjoyed by all.

So, what makes Mekensie’s hypnosis products so unique?

Richard MacKenzie’s products are unique because they incorporate the best hypnotherapy practices and are all recorded by Richard himself. They use the unique ‘Self-Change Hypnosis’ approach, which creates fast permanent change in the listener. Richard developed this technique in 2004 while he was writing his best-selling book also called ‘Self-Change Hypnosis’.

All his MP3 programs have been digitally recorded to allow everyone to experience the power of a hypnotic trance and make amazing life changes in the comfort of their own home. For more information visit Richard MacKenzie Direct.

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