Bring Your Gorgeous Self out from Within!

Nowadays there are heaps of websites and talk shows on telly and radio that try to tell you the best way to improve yourself, build your self worth or tap into your innate power.

Some motivational trainers are capitalizing on the fact that the majority of people are dissatisfied with their lives and disappointed with the current personal development tools available. Many of these self-appointed “self improvement gurus” are making a fortune with their personal growth and self help guides, potions, pills and CDs. Some charge extortionate amounts for live seminars that aim to help you lose weight or create more abundance or gain higher self-esteem.

How do this people get away with charging such high fees and delivering so little? – Because most people don’t want to admit that they themselves are responsible for their lives, their problems and thus they are their own solution. They would rather blame the economy, other people, events, situations or circumstances. They want someone else to fix their lives for them!

They are not buying a solution when they spend there hard earned money on these useless “trinkets”. – they are buying excuses! “sure I tried everything. I even went to that seminar last June that cost me $2000”.

The truth is; no-one can fix anything in your life just as no-one can cause you any problems unless you let them! Only you can change yourself. Only you can make it happen. Only you can fix your problems. You created so it is you who must fix them!

By taking responsibility for your life with all its up and downs, its joys and sorrows, you regain your own power. You accept that if you created then you and change it. This is the most powerful place from which to create.

There is another advantage to keeping this outlook. The law of Attraction is a very real law that works in a very simple way – whatever you focus on or put your attention on grows. So, if you hold the view that your life is your creation and that you have the power to re-recreate in any way you see fit, you become empowered and start to use the law of attraction consciously.

Start now to place your focus on the things that you have in life that already bring you joy, comfort and offer you support. The law of attraction will see to it that you get more of those things and also more things that bring you joy, comfort and support.

If you want more money begin by being grateful for the money you already have. The law of attraction will see to it that you get more money to be grateful for! This is universal law and it is unwavering. You can either work with the law or allow it to run on automatic. If you have trouble keeping your focus on the things you want you should consider getting a tool or technique that can help you remove the subconscious programming that is running your life! Such programs as the Sedona Method or Release Technique can work wonders in your life if you use them!

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