Brian Tracy

Although Brian Tracy is a softly spoken motivational guru he packs a punch with his information.

He is a self-made millionare who never finished college but got jobs working as a labourer, a dish-washer and a ditch-digger. Mr Tracy has worked in a variety of environments from factories and ranches to a ship in the north Atlantic before getting involved in sales.

It was at this point that Brian started to study the habits and attitudes of successful people. He was determined to find out why some people were more successful than others. His 25 year voyage of discovery, and all the experience he gained from it, can now be utilised by the owners of his tapes and books.

Having a foundation in sales Mr Tracy concentrates mosly on this area but has several audio programs and books on personal growth. Perhaps the best is ‘The Luck Factor’. In the program you will learn how to:

· Set clear goals and priorities in every area;
· Identify the keys to rapid accomplishment;
· Focus on specific actions that increase your likelihood of success;
· Put the “luck factors” of knowledge, skill, contacts and preparation to work for you;
· Leverage the use of money, good work habits, timing, speed and innovative thinking;
· Achieve more of what you really want — faster than you can imagine possible.

Brian Tracy sets out the metaphysical reasons behind ‘luck’. He shows you how to become an extremly lucky person in every area of your life. This program is packed full of universal truths and very practical applications to achieve your desired results.

Brian Tracey is now a reknowned speaker throughout the world and his books and tapes have been translated into 20 languages. He sets out exactly how other successful people made their goals become realities and exeactly how you can do the same.


Brian Tracy offers several completely free tapes/CDs – you just pay the nominal shipping fee. Refer two friend’s email addresses and you also get to chose another audio program to download instantly.

I would have to say that Brian Tracy gives valuable insight into how to achieve personal growth without the headache of years of research. If you are, in any way, involved in sales you will find his main audio programs and books invaluable. If you are just interested in personal growth and self development then he offers a wide range of titles on these subjects also.

I would advise you to take a look at his site and chose your free CD. Before you consider buying any of his products though just supply two email addresses and instantly download one of his titles free. Then you can listen to Mr Tracy’s advise and experience his teaching style before you decide to make a purchase.

Highly recommended!

Brian Tracy – click on the link and get one of Brian’s titles for free.