Brain Washing with Self Hypnosis

by Michael McGrath

James Allen wrote “as a man thinketh” in which he shows that the life you are living now is a direct result of the thoughts you had in the past. He also shows that the thoughts you are thinking now are determing the life you will live tomorrow. His book’s title is a direct quote from the bible which states “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he” Proverbs 11:17. The literal 21st century interpretation of this is “what you believe to be true and hold dear to yourself is what your world and life become!”

What we continually dwell on consciously becomes a subconscious pattern and forms our beliefs and expectations. These take root in your “heart” – the seat of your consciousness! These patterns then, in turn, shape our conscious thoughts and it thus becomes a vicious cycle. This cycle of negative or positive beliefs and thought patterns condition our responses to situations and ultimately affect the physical & spiritual world in which we “live, move and have our being” Acts 17:28.

Have you ever heard a piece of music in the morning and had it play in your head all day? We are most susceptible to suggestions and outside influences when we are in a very relaxed state.

Have you ever heard a pop song that you hated then after it had been played on the radio for weeks you found yourself singing along to it? Outside stimuli, repeatedly observed, eventually seeps into your mind practically unnoticed. In our example you can see that the repetition was enough to ingrain the song into your mind. You should note that on many occasions the message in the lyrics can influence behaviour and beliefs and affect your very outlook. There is plenty of evidence to suggest this is the case with reports of teenagers acting in accordance with song lyrics from their favourite artists. In addition to music, television has an even more powerful influence!

Many cults use music and sound as a device to ‘hammer home’ their scriptures, creeds and messages. Meditation techniques and either soothing or up-beat motivational music is incorporated into sermons and speeches to promote an ideal state for the mind to absorb information.

Throughout the centuries drummers and pipers followed armies onto the battlefield in order to motivate the soldiers. Cults have been found to use many similar techniques to ‘brain-wash’ their followers!

Why have such things been used so frequently?

Because they create a hypnotic state and they work!

It has been shown by research that everyone is susceptible to brain-washing techniques and that anyone can be mesmerized into a cult!

So you may ask yourself, if someone else can place you in a hypnotic state and brain-wash you into believing in a dogma or cult that, to most others, is clearly insane, can we also be placed in such a state and made to believe that we are totally confident or that we really can reach our goals?

The simple answer is YES!

Self hypnosis creates such a state. Self-hypnosis works by creating a relaxed state of body and mind. Then the subconscious mind is accessed directly, without any interference from the conscious mind. At this point you have bypassed any internal obstacles.

However, a key factor used by most cults is that they engage their followers on their terms and in ways that the follower relates to personally. This is why they have such a high success rate. It is also why many people fail to get the exact results they desire from pre-made hypnosis tapes and self hypnosis cds.

Apart from the really exceptional, many of the pre-made hypnosis sessions are too vague to really effect change on a personal level and therefore many people only get limited results from the post hypnotic suggestions. This is the reason why custom made self hypnosis cds are so effective.

“Sounds good” you may say “but these custom made recordings are expensive and I have a lot of issues I want to work on!” Ok so you can’t afford a custom self hypnosis session and the regular sessions are not producing the results you want. What do you do?

Well there is good news because you can make your own very easily. All you need is tape recorder and blank tape. Alternatively, and for a better recording, you can create your own custom hypnosis recordings (this is designed for subliminal messages but it just as effective for making your own hypnosis sessions), or subliminal messages on your computer.

There are many fantastic free hypnosis scripts available on the web that if used will take you into a profoundly relaxed hypnotic state.

Then it is just a matter of creating your own affirmations designed to change your life in the way you want it changed! Be upbeat when you record your messages then sit back, listen and brain-wash yourself into the life you deserve!

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