Brain Entrainment

In this article I wish to introduce you to some concepts in modern science as they apply to ancient arts, such as meditation or hypnosis. I will especially concentrate on brain entrainment and show you how modern science has discovered a way to guide you effortlessly into the practice of an ancient art!

So, what is brain entrainment and what can it do for you?

These are the two questions I will answer in this short article. By the end of it you should understand how brain entrainment can be used to produce many beneficial effects in your life.

In simple terms brain entrainment refers to any means by which you can force the brain to produce specific brainwaves. The most common form of brain entrainment, or at least the most popular, is binaural beats recordings. These are special sounds or tones that are used to entrain the brain of the listener with virtually no conscious effort on his or her part.

In order to fully explain what binaural beats are and how entrainment of the brain works we must venture back to 1839 when Heinrich Wilhelm Dove first discovered that when you mix two similar tones together a strange thing happens in the brain.

What Dove found was that when he took one tone and presented it to the left ear and got another tone, which was similar but differed only slightly in frequency, and presented it to the right ear the brain produced the illusion of a continuous beat!

Much later, in 1973, Gerald Oster took this research a step further by experimenting with these binaural beats. He discovered that while listening to binaural beats his subjects would begin to show altered states of consciousness. This occurred because their brains started to produce brainwaves that had the same frequency as the binaural beats.

By changing the difference in the frequency between the two tones Oster found he could produce any type of brainwave patterns he wanted.

Now this may not sound that impressive until you understand the role that brainwaves play in your life. You see every physical, emotional and mental state that a human being can experience has a corresponding brainwave state associated with it. By forcing the brain to produce specific brainwaves and enter a specific brainwave state you can also create the physical, emotional or mental state that is associated with it!

Up until fairly recently brain entrainment was only achievable through expensive and rare scientific instruments. However, as technology has advanced and our understanding of the mind has deepened we now have binaural beats recordings that can produce a myriad of altered states within minutes.

In fact there are even brain entrainment programs that are designed to guide you into extremely deep meditative states akin to transcendental meditation.

Transcendental meditation is usually only learned and perfected over the space of a lifetime and is one of the most profound and life altering forms of meditation known to Man. Meditation has been shown to prolong life, slow down the aging of the body, help people heal faster, heal wounds with no sign of scarring, heighten mental prowess and remove negative emotional turmoil from the mind, as well as a multitude of other things too lengthy to mention in this short article!

Due to the ability of binaural beats to create meditative states a company called Centerpointe have devised a program of recordings for personal growth, which they have called Holosync. These recordings can have a massive impact on your life and utilize the full power of brain entrainment to make major positive changes internally and externally!

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